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Contracts with the Ministry of Education Dubai

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by cams96, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Hi, how long did it take between your approvals and getting your final contract? its been over a week now and still haven't got it I thought it would be the next day or something! My interview was Manchester 12th Nov.
  2. C25

    C25 New commenter

    I was told the same last week do you have your contract yet?
  3. EasleyVG

    EasleyVG New commenter

    Heeey Stephanie,

    Nope, not yet. I was told the same thing. We recieved another email from our recruiter yesterday informing us that everything is progressing normally even though we dont have them yet. We were also told that the Ministry recieved a large portion this week and will recieve a large portion next week. I pray we get them on Sunday morning. The delay is due to the volume of candidates that got offers at the UK venues we were told. They said everything is good but we are waiting for these contracts to be released. I guess another positive is that they are sending teachers over every week including in the summer months. That was new information to me.
  4. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Oh I didn't get an email today, what is your agency? I'm hoping we get the contracts very soon because they made it sound like the contract comes really soon after approvals. Oh I thought the cut off would be the start of the holidays?? That's good news if they do take people over the summer!
  5. stellasara

    stellasara New commenter

    Hey just reading through the posts and I have my interview in Manchester too on the same date. I received my contract so you should get yours soon!
  6. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Oh really. Did you get your contract and approvals together or separately?
  7. stellasara

    stellasara New commenter

    I got my approvals first then my contract. I have just sent back my contract and the MOE will hopefully start my visa process now. Once you receive the contract everything happens very fast! The ministry send out the contracts in batches, hopefully you will receive yours soon!
  8. MrJenkins1

    MrJenkins1 New commenter

    Ministry of education schools only pay 3k usd a month. You can get the same as an efl teacher.
  9. C25

    C25 New commenter

    how long did you wait between approvals and contract? Thanks
  10. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    The person I know who works for MOE just said a lot depends on the school. Could be somewhere half decent or could be a hellhole. I'm hoping for Dubai or Sharjah too. May even commute from Dubai if it's Sharjah I'm in. Haven't got a visa email yet. They wanted another reference first which I sent them on Friday. Hopefully I'll get over by the end of the month.

    I got my approvals and contract together. Can't imagine you'll be waiting much longer?
  11. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Most people did I don't know why I didn't, my interview was 12th Nov so I'm hoping I get the contract this week then my agency said it's likely to be another month before visa.
  12. EasleyVG

    EasleyVG New commenter

    Thanking God! My contract just came through. The process has taken 4 months so far. I still need to get my visa. I will post updates as well.
    marko_135 likes this.
  13. Fatoush

    Fatoush New commenter

    Hi guys,

    I was offered a position as a secondary teacher for the MOE. I have been asked to put a starting date and would like to start in June. I was wondering when the schools break up for Summer holidays and whether I will get paid for the summer.
  14. Crisa

    Crisa New commenter

    Hi all,
    I have a similar situation as Fatoush. I wrote 1st May but I am not convinced that this would be possible.
    4 months now and still didn't receive the final contract.
    I also applied with IAT. Does any of you tried applying with them ? They gave me a better offer but I read so many disturbing thread regarding them. Any ideas? Good luck everyone !
  15. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    Hey guys, I'm in the same boat. Applied for a design technology and innovation graduate in November 2016. Got my contract on the 20th Feb 2017 and signed it, sent it same day with my documents. Still waiting on my visa. Anyone know how long that takes?

    Thanks in advance!

    Also what's the Facebook group about MOE candidates 2017? I'd like to get joined on that too pls!
    Amakaikpeazu likes this.
  16. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    How long did it take for your visa to come through after the contract? It'll be my third week next week!
  17. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    Schools break up for holidays on July 6th. Some people have said they're taking teachers anytime even during the summer so I'd imagine you'd get paid.

    I received my contract after about 12 weeks. 4 months is a bit much. I know nothing about IAT. Better offer than MOE though? Didn't think there was any better?

    Similar to me except I'm a week behind because they wanted another reference. I'm only on my 2nd week of getting my visa processed. Takes 3-4 weeks apparently?

    I'd be interested in joining that group too. I couldn't find it on FB.
  18. sakeena73

    sakeena73 New commenter

    What recruitment agency are you with? Yeah this week will be my third week, I don't know whether to email them again as I did last week, don't wanna sound desperate lol.
  19. C25

    C25 New commenter

    Hey guys,

    I am currently on week 3 of approvals. I received approvals but no contract, does anyone know how long it takes to get the contract after getting approvals? Interview was Nov 12th in Manchester.

    For anyone looking for the Facebook group it’s called ‘MOE hopefuls 2016/2017’.
  20. marko_135

    marko_135 New commenter

    I'm with
    [This comment/section/image has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    . Actually got an email today asking if I could fly this weekend. They said MOE would send an e-ticket and visa after confirmation. I asked to fly out the following weekend instead.

    I guess they'll get in touch once they know. Frustrating though. The waiting drove me mad.

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