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Continuous provision year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by starcommand, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. If you work in year 1 would you mind telling me how you organise continuous provision? I understand it's similar to the way a reception class works but that's all I know. How do you organise the classroom?

  2. missmunchie

    missmunchie Occasional commenter

    I´m new to Year 1 and will be teaching them for the first time this year after teaching in secondary for 9 years. I think it is about setting up areas around your classroom that the children can access. I have set up a reading area with a big bookcase full of books. On the back of the bookcase there are high frequency words attached with velcro for children to read and rearrange. I also have a wendy house, this is my home corner as my classroom is quite small. I have a tea and dinner set to go in there as well. I have a games area with puzzles and dominoes and memory games. I also set up have a play shop in a corner. I have been saving food packets and shoe boxes obsessively! I would like to set up a dressing up box for role play as well but I only have girls dress up clothes that belonged to my daughters. I don't have many construction toys at the moment, just plasticine and building blocks but no lego or unifix. I will set up a drawing / handwriting station with scrap paper and colouring pages. The main thing I am trying to remember is to have everything easy to access and low down for the children after teaching bigger ones! Also challenge cards are an idea I have heard about for Numeracy and Literacy. I think the children can also be set challenges by the teacher or TA and I think this would be better. I work in an international school so the children are more used to sitting at desks and tables for working so we may not need the continuous provision as much. Also, train the children to tidy up and count pieces of games back into boxes, otherwise I can imagine it will be a real mess at the end of the day if everyone has a free for all. Sorry for the long rambling post, I'm just trying to get my ideas in order for September! Hope it helps.
  3. vannie

    vannie Star commenter

    Yes you would be right in thinking that it mirrors the Reception learning environment and its purpose is to provide a bridge between two curricula. I had Year 1 this year also and had some continuous provision throughout the year. Not sure how much my children got out of it however due to their levels if need and behaviour. By the end of the year they were more independent though. BUT ....here's the thing ....Continuous Provision in Year 1 has to be familiar in it's resourcing so that children know what's what and how to use it and ALSO has to provide a significantly different experience in terms of level of challenge. That's what I found tricky. You can't just offer them what they have already had. It has to be provision with a purpose.
  4. Thanks very much. For an autumn topic I was thinking fruit shop role play, a nature display to encourage writing and then I am a bit stuck as to how to provide challenge and a variety of activities.
  5. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    When I taught year 1 I linked continuous provision to the topic and what the children were learning each week. Is your topic Autumn?
  6. Yes the topic is autumn.

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