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continuous provision planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Miss.hendo, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. Miss.hendo

    Miss.hendo New commenter


    Another question that has probably been asked here a million times... yes, continuous provision planning!

    I am in my second year of reception this year and last year found planning for this tricky!

    Now, do people plan every area weekly or do u have a generic long term continuous provision plan with all the basics on and then just plan your enhancement areas weekly?

    how do you all find this works best for u?

    thank you x
  2. Hi, there are lots of ways of doing your planning but try to remember not to write anything twice! My idea of a long term plan is as follows:
    For example in your sand area you should have a list of all the equipment which is on offer on a fairly regular basis plus a list of resources such as wet/dry sand, tealeaves, lentils etc which you will put out often. Also keep a list of all enhancements you might use. Alongside this should be a list or grid showing which areas of the curriculum you hope will be covered by or at least be available to, children in this area.
    As part of your long term plan I would also keep a list of topics you hope to cover in the course of 12 months along with festivals you will be celebrating.
    I wouldn't write down any enhancements on a weekly basis unless it was helpful to do so. If everything is in the long term plan and hopefully pinned up on the wall near the area or available in a file then you are covered.
    The trick is to actually refer to your long term plan to make sure that all the equipment/resources etc actually get put out regularly. This can be to follow childrens interests or just to spice up an area to link to a particular theme.
  3. Miss.hendo

    Miss.hendo New commenter

    Thank you for this,

    So do you mean you don't actually have a weekly continuous provision plan? you have a list/grid showing which areas of curriculum you have hoped yo have covered?
  4. Thats right. But on top of the long term continuous provision plan I have a medium term 'topic' plan which shows more specific learning intentions and then a weekly plan which shows which activities from the medium term plan are going to be started, who will be doing it, any groupings, special resources etc. My long term plans are expected to cover all areas of the E.Y.F.S. curriculum in total. I would change the enhancements in the areas of continuous provision on a regualr/weekly basis, but as everything is already written in the long term plan, I don't need to write it down again.
  5. We do a weekly enhancement plan for continuous provision on a grid with areas then write need: which is based upon assessment from previous week e.g. gross motor/cutting skills/counting to 10 etc and then the enhancements written underneath.
  6. M H

    M H

    Is there any chance of having a copy of your weekly enhancement plan for continuous provison.
    Many thanks in anticipation.

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