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Continuous provision planning and organisation in Year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ali1984, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. This year my school has decided that in Year 1 we should have continuous provision to aid transition. However, I'm not sure about how to plan for this or how to arrange my classroom. How do people plan their literacy and numeracy lessons? I have been thinking that I will do a short whole class input, and then have 2 guided groups, one with me and one with the TA, while the other 3 groups do activities/ CP linked to the learning objective. Is this how other people do it? Also, do you tell the children doing CP what you would like them to do or let them have total choice? And how do you show this in your planning? Would you just have the 2 guided groups in your plan and then a seperate plan detailing the CP? Or detail any CP activities for that day in your main plan?
    Also, my classroom is quite small and not really designed for having all the recommended areas of learning. Which areas do people think are the most importnant. So far I have found space for a book corner, a role play area, a writing table, a creative area and a malleable area. Are there any important areas I am missing?
    I know this message is a bit rambling but I am very confused!
  2. Hello.
    I tend to have 2 groups working for say 20 minutes with adults while the other 2 groups 'plan' (access the CP) and thne swap over. I try to link activities around the classroom to the literacy/numeracy/'topic' work for the week. Children have choice but the activities will all have a learning focus 'Learning question' to go with them so that there is some progression from FS
    send me an inbox message and I can email you some examples of planning if you like :)
  3. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I do a short whole class input and then have 2 groups working at tables, 1 with me and 1 with TA. After about 20 mins the groups swap so 4 groups are covered. While the 2 groups are working the others use the CP areas. They link to the topic but do have opportunities for english and numeracy.
    I tell the children what is available in the areas at the start of the week and mught make suggestions about what they could do, but mainly they use them as they wish - I find different children use the same area in different ways.
    My CP is included on the weekly planners for lit, num and topi, I don't do a seperate plan. Some of my planning is in the resources section if you want a look. Click on my name and it should take you there.
    The areas you've got are great, others I would try to fit in are small world and construction.
  4. Thanks for the advice so far [​IMG] We are expecting Ofsted early in the year so would really like to get it right! As I have a large class of 30, would you suggest having 4 large groups, to ensure that all groups can get a guided session in a lesson, or having 5-6 smaller groups?
    Now I've got to think where I can fit in a small world area or construction!
  5. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    You might find this useful/interesting
  6. You need to look at cp resources on this website. Type in Continuous Provision in resources area. Someone on here has done a great job on their planning. It's made me feel rather lazy as I've never planned for CP in such deatil but guess I ought to.
    It's really great and will be a good place to start.
  7. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Why not have your small world in boxes that the children take and use anywhere in the room rather than having a dedicated area, especially if space is tight.
  8. Hi Comenius,
    I have seen your planning and you put me to shame. It's amazing and so organised. I was wondering how to make sure the children understand what they are to do in the areas of continuous provision. Plus, do you display the objectives? I have lots of ideas for what the children can do in the CP areas but I don't know how to put it down as objectives. For instance - take one of your ideas for the water for 'This is me' - what objective would you use for having sponges, flannels, soap, nail brushes in the water. It's a great idea but I don't know where to pick up an objective for it. Why are they doing it?

  9. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Thanks pepperg for your comments :0)
    I don't display or tell the children objectives for the CP areas. On Monday I will tell the class what is in each area and sometimes suggest what they could do (we're learning about personal hygeine this week so you've got soap, sponges etc in the water to wash yourself, dolls - if I had to put an objective it would probably be a PSHE one), but I'd rather they used what was in the areas how they want (as oppose to being told by me to e.g. build a tower in construction area). I use the areas as child initiated rather than adult initiated.
  10. Hi there,
    I am an NQt and starting in Year 1 and am also a bit confused about how to set out planning/resources. Would it be possible to send me some example planning? clarkeyb7@hotmail.co.uk.

    Thank you very much :)
  11. Hi, i am also a Y1 teacher and our school is finally having the year 1 drive on CP. It would be great if i could see a typical weeks planning to help me. It seems that you have a well organised routine and this info would help very much


  12. hello
    Im an NTQ in a year one class and I have set up my areas to aid transition so i have a role play area, writing table, maths table, book corner, small world, creative, computer, and construction but i am struggling to use these areas in my lessons specially in numeracy and literacy and topic in the afternoon n I have to fit in art/DT/history/geography/PSHE in my 2 topic lessons so im struggling. Could u send me some examples of your planning please to give me an idea of how you manage your classroom. I would be so grateful!!! thank you.
  13. Hi there,
    We are trying to set up CP in Year One and we are very confused!!!!! We would appreciate if you could send any examples of planning to suzannehudson@onetel.com. Thanks!
  14. Is it too late to jump on thus bad wagon?! Really struggling after moving from structured year 2 to integrated year 1 :-(
  15. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    Hi could I impose and ask you to send me a copy of your CP planning please, thank you in advance

  16. Would someone mind sending me a copy of the CP planning for some ideas please.

    Thank you

  17. Could someone email me a copy of the plans


    Thank you :)
  18. Please could I have a copy of your planning too.

    Many thanks

  19. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    All my planning is in the resources section.

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