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Continuous Provision in Year 1 - how do people organise it?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kathtamplin, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. kathtamplin

    kathtamplin New commenter

    I've been trying this since September but without seeing how other people organise it. At the moment we do English input with everybody then the TA and I both take a group of 8 and support them through the focus activity/written work. After twenty minutes we swap and each take another group (so all children get to work with an adult. We repeat this for maths. When they aren't working with an adult they are free to choose from lego, drawing, writing and maths activites and larger construction toys (basically things that I already had in the room or have picked up from the chariity shops). However I have been told this is not OK. How do other people get the lower ability children and those who struggle to focus without an adult to engage in quiet, more 'focused' activities when they aren't with an adult?
  2. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Occasional commenter

    On what sense have you been told that it is not okay? That the other activities need to be linked to the topic or more explicitly purposeful?
  3. Grantcobbs

    Grantcobbs New commenter

    I have five tables and five groups of 6. Each table has an activity that I change twice a week.

    Table 1: Maths with TA/Teacher
    Table 2: English with TA/Teacher
    Table 3: English independent.
    Table 4: Science/Topic
    Table 5: Handwriting/Spelling/Number bonds

    Children work at each table for about 25 minutes. Or until finished. After that, they take a book from the reading corner. After 25 minutes all the children move to the next table going clockwise. We do 2 tables on Monday and three on Tuesday. On Wednesday we do whole class stuff ( and PE, Music, Art), On Thursday I have changed the activities on the tables.

    Maybe I'm a grinch but it's after Christmas now and the lego now only comes out for golden time.

    But this way, the lower ability children do all of the maths and their 'important' English in a small group of 6 with an adult. The independent English activity is what I call differentiated by output. It's something that if they are able to then there is a lot of scope to do good writing. But if they are unable they can meet the objective by just writing a handful of words. e.g. Describing a picture with describing words.

    Either I or the TA will be sitting near enough to the English independent table that we can give them a nudge if they get distracted but they are expected to do it by themselves. Tables 4 and 5 have to be something they can do independently.

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