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Continuous Provision Ideas??

Discussion in 'Primary' started by beccy.d, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hi there,

    My topic for next term is the seaside with my Year 1 class.

    History - seasides in the past.
    ICT - understanding instructions and making things happen.
    Literacy - Information texts/stories from other cultures and recounts
    Numeracy - Block A3 (Couting, partitioning and calculating) and B3 (securing number facts, understanding shape)
    Design Technology - Puppets
    Science - Sound and Hearing

    First time in KS1 and the idea of continuous provision is all new to me.

    Can anyone give me any ideas for this theme? explain what I should be doing? and how often I should be keeping the same activities for?

    Thought of having a music centre, think the children would love this but wasn't sure what to put in there for with this theme?!
    Make and design maps? creative, numeracy, ict?
    might have a sand tray outside if anyone has any creative ideas for how to develop the maths unit i have with this? or anything else?
    Have no knowledge of this area so would love some ideas for how to structure this and what ideas you might be able to help me with?

    Thanks very much in advance! Hope you can help :)

  2. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    A few ideas for the sand tray:
    Maths - shape: Bury 2d and 3d shapes in the sand - children feel a shape, describe it to a partner, say what shape they think it it,pull it out to see if they are right
    Maths - counting :bury at least 20 shells in sand. children have 1 minute to find as many shells as possible, when time is up, they put shells in a row and count how many they found. Could have a sheet where each child writes his/her name and records how many shells he/she found.
    Maths - number bonds: Children work in pairs and are given 10 shells. One child buries some of the shells in the sand. Partner counts how many are visible and uses knowledge of number bonds to work out how many are hidden
    ICT - divide sand tray into squares (like the treasure hunt games you sometimes get at fetes). stick objects into some squares eg small world figures (pirate, mermaid), small fish, treasure chest etc. Child gives partner instructions to move from one object to another (eg "start at the pirate. If you go up 3 squares and left 3 squares where do you think you will end up?)

    DT - make stick puppets eg pirates and mermaids, use for small world play in sand tray

    English - use the Booktrust website to find a story from another culture which is set on a beach,and provide small world items (eg small dolls) to re-encact the story

  3. thanks very much for the ideas!!
    Will definately put the sand to good use!
    Am doing recounts and information texts now. Will use Big Blue Whale for information texts? Unless anyone has any ideas of other books which are good for the theme seasides?

    Any ideas for phonics would be really great.

    I am rearranging the class so that I have 1 group with me working on the main task class focus, another group will be with TA so I thought this would be a good opportunity to put phonics games and activities during Literacy linked to the theme so that they can use what they have learnt in their own writing for information texts and recounts. And other group will have free-play. All of which will be rotated daily. So lots of games and activities will be needed and will have to keep changing on a weekly basis. as well as for numeracy! So any more ideas for this and particularly phonics will be very welcomed! Thanks again.
  4. haj


    I am also doing seaside topic. im going to have a small seaside cafe as our roleplay where children have to give change, pay for items etc,weighing scales,readin menus that cn have written etc.

    in writing area activities like wriitng postcards, messages in bottles, lists for what you might see at the seaside, what you might take to the seaside. etc.

    small world, lots of small plastic creatures that you can find at the seaside

    in sand ( make a paper backdrop of seaside eg. promenade) and put small people so children can act out scenes at seaside.

    for puppets children could make punch and judy type puppets (which would link to seaside from past) and then use them later to act stories out in a small theatre that you could make using larger cardboard box.
    For numeracy I usually have an activity in sand eg. find numbers in teh sand and make a number sentence with them and writing it on small whiteboard next to the sand area.
    hope that helps
  5. thanks for the ideas [​IMG]
    Like the cafe idea! Might try that myself!! Any ideas on where to find all the resources I will need for that? things for the cafe and bottles for the messages etc? I am starting from scratch, and have nothing to work with apart from a bag of clothes and sunglasses [​IMG] or where to get puppets that are like punch and judy? I am doing the punch and judy anyway but only have photographs. WIth Y1 is it right they start to sew and stitch puppets? Or am I looking at sock puppets and easier types of puppets here do you know?
    Any phonics advice would also be really helpful.

  6. also... has anyone ever used the BBC magic grandad cd-roms? I was thinking about the seasides in the past one but it is £60 and didn't want to spend that really just a for a half terms work when who knows where I will end up getting a job! (Trainee on final placement).

    Just wanted to see if it is worth getting? And how any of you get on with resources especially for history. I wanted to pack a suitcase and show children old victorian seaside artefacts, the buckets and spades, clothes etc but have no idea how to get hold of all these things?! Please help!

  7. haj


    I have watched magic grandad toys video, they are good, children like them. i wouldn't spend all that money on them if I am honest!!

    About old victorian seaside things,can you not get a museum loan ( one of the ones they have specially for schools)?

    for the cafe I have got plastic cups,saucers etc, a small apron for the chef at the cafe, a till with plastic money, empty milk cartons (throroughly rinsed out) etc for props in the cafe.

    phonics- most of my class are on the later stage of phase 3, a couple are phase 2. So I focus on phase 3 primarily in my 15/20 mins phonics lesson. I follow the letters and sound and adapt it for my cn. Usually do a recap of phase 2 and 3 sounds either with quickwrite, flash cards. then introduce a new sound or a tricky word and then then applying the phonics to reading or writing a simple sentence or caption. if you haven't already then get yourself a letters and sounds document. Each morning when I do my guided reading group I have children independently working on phonics activities and other simple writing activities.
  8. thanks for that advice!
    Yep I have looked at library and museum loans but they are again very expensive and canot find much for the area my school is in :( Struggling very much with that one. I don't know where else I could get these real resources from?!
    Hopefully school will have some of these resources for the cafe! the kids will love making their own ice cream cones and food :)
    School uses Big Cat phonics which seems rubbish really. the kids just sit and repeat all letters and words. I don't think they like it very much but as this is my first time in KS1 organising phonics and resources again for every lesson seems tough going when you have nowhere and nothing to start with!

    Sorry to keep bugging....just asking questions as I go along...
    Puppets for year 1. Sewing!!! must be my worst nightmare. I was the child who always mucked up the sewing machine! The boys were better than me! How much should i really expect year 1 children to do? sewing a puppet seems like alot to expect to me?!
    Anybody had any experience of this?


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