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continuing supply in a school which has rejected you at interview

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by madonna2, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. I've just been turned down for a contract in a school where I have been successfully supply teaching for the last year. Didn't expect just to walk into the job. Been told I done a great lesson and interview, very confused! Now I'm thinking do I really want to go back here. Would love to know what others might think/do?
  2. specialsupply

    specialsupply New commenter

    First of all, madonna2, I'm really sorry you didn't get the job. I've been in this position twice myself, and it does hurt a lot. I started to question my entire teaching ability. It was hurtful at first when one of the schools said to me that they thought the children would only ever see me as supply, but that I could keep doing that. However, on reflection, they did me a big favour. I'd become really attached to that one school, and could only see my future in terms of "If I got a permanent job in School X, I'd have it made". Having now had the experience of working in lots of different schools, and seen that I actually want to go in a completely different direction from that initial school, they really did me a favour. However, I know that you still must feel confused about whether you want to go back there. Even though it's hard, try and think "At least it would be money coming in". That's been the only way I've got through some situations on supply :)
  3. I too was turned down by a school in which I had done supply and, like specialnqt
    I am very happy in my new role, feel valued and respected and have got my teaching mojo back!

  4. supplybychoice

    supplybychoice New commenter

    Don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Swallow your pride and carry on supplying there.
  5. I've been in this position too. I continued on supplying on a daily basis for a few days, got a long-term placement, and have been back in the school since that finished. I can honestly say the HoD was amazingly lovely and very gently explained that the person who got the job had this that and the other, ultimately meaning they picked the best person for the job, but don't think they don't love me working there on supply as they get on with me and everything. Now when I go back I just pretend it didn't happen (the kids don't know and the Cover Manager I think was a bit upset, as were a couple of colleagues), and I still enjoy working there as much as before.

    If you like working there, don't let it spoil it for you. They won't treat you any different (or they shouldn't), and you can keep pushing (as I am doing) for the job that will be perfect for you.
  6. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    If you were working there on supply through an agency the school might be liable to pay the agency a "finders fee" if they then took you on as a regular member of staff. This can be quite high and might have priced you out of the running.
    Or maybe the school valued you as a trusted supply teacher and wanted to rely on you in that role in future.
    If the school want you back on supply they clearly rate your skills.
  7. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    I was going to say the same thing. Hard enough for many supply teachers to find work. Stick with the school for now, you never know. And as awful as it is, sometimes it is even a further test. I know of a similar situation where the supply went for a part time role in the same school and was turned down. It later became known a full time post was coming up from another teacher retiring, and the supply, having stuck with the school got that role. However, nothing could be said at the time to the supply teacher concerned.
  8. I have been in that position about three times. I think they sometime think that the grass is always greener. The candidates come in and the only thing the SMT see it their wonderful one off lesson. Where as you have spent a whole year there and being human have not taught hundreds of interview standard lessons. I now think that supplying in a school before a job interview is a positive disadvantage! Though I have always seen supply contracts out if they have not offered me the job.
  9. I've been in that situation a fair few times, even multiple times in the same school (I know sucker for punishment) but in all cases I've been asked to apply by the head of the school, and yet none of them have given me the post in their school. Honestly it's really hard but I just think it's the kids I go for, I enjoy teaching them and they like having me there from what the staff say and how they work for me. I just try to suck it up and pretend it never happened.
  10. I'm so glad I found this forum, this has happened to me twice this half term. In one case the position was for the class I was teaching in, the other was for a school where I have done tonnes of work over the last two years. I was very upset that I was not shortlisted for interview in either case. That was until I found out that the applicants for the first had so so much experience that I, as a NQT, couldn't compete, and the second one a two day a week maternity cover lasting 2 terms had almost 50 applicants many of whom were foundation phase specalist.
    I was glad that both schools considered me for the posts, and even more glad that they are playing 'who can book me first' with my agency. The best part was during parents open evening last night when many of the parents said that they would have liked me to have been teaching their kids next year. Theres no higher praise than that!
    It's not going to be easy working in either next year, but I don't let misbehaving children stop me getting a days pay, I'm not going to let my pride stop me working there either!
  11. Sorry to hear but it always goes on!
    Duplicity, flattery, hypocrisy etc etc plus NQT v more experienced but more expensive teachers, ho hum, ho hum...[​IMG].
    We've all been victims of malign, disingenuous and unfair recruitment practice?????
    Hence many do not bother applying what with nepotism, racism and favouritism particularly in the SW.
  12. Thanks to all of you lovely people who replied. Following your comments I have dried my tears, let it be known on the school grapevine that I would welcome a supply call again. I have been overwhelmed with the support recieved from staff on my return. I suprised myself by returning so soon and feel so proud of myself for getting straight back in the saddle. This episode has reminded me that I have a lot of experience which I am not making the most of so I have contacted other schools where I know I would be put to good use. Thanks again to all of you. Your comments really made me think again!

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