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Continous provision in year 2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hangerl, May 22, 2011.

  1. Can anyone help me. I usually teach year 2 and higher achievers of year 1 (4 children)and usually have a more formal set up to my class. However last september my year 1 children did struggle with this to begin with. In september I willonly have 10 year 2 children and19 year 1 children (higher/middle & lower achievers). I feel I need to change the structure of my classroom to cater more for continous provision but have no idea where to start! Can anyone help and give me any ideas for classroom layout, planning etc... I am worried that my year 2 children will suffer and not sure how to put this in place. Anyone out there that uses continous provision for year 1 & 2 that can help!
    Many thanks

    Lisa xx

  2. Ahh still got baby brain!! Continuous provision not continous! It is too early in the morning. If anyone can help i will be grateful xx
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Can you ask the year 1 teacher in your school what they do? It would be good if you did the same or similar.

    Year 2 don't need to suffer, just tailor your activities to the needs of the children you have in your class. Year 2 might have slightly more teacher led time in the first term, but that is ok.
  4. Thank you - the year 1 teacher also teaches reception so her classroom is set up for the eyfs framework. I have some ideas on how to set up the classroom it is planning and structuring my day i am stuck on.

  5. rainbowdrop86

    rainbowdrop86 New commenter

    i will be new to yr2 but am planning on having areas of my classroom for the children to use when not teacher led. I will phase on continuous provision during the year.
    what im hoping for, is that all children will take part in main activities, then myself and TA will work with group each, one group will work on independent work, other group will use continuous provision, but will be directed to a certain task. Eg if its during numeracy, the group using CP must visit the number area and complete the challenge.
    Im envisaging all children having a passport, or simialr, where they mark off the areas they've visited. Each area will have a challenge to complete, which they must complete before doing any free play etc
    hope this helps. am new to it all myself so will love some ideas and feedback too
  6. Thank you I like the passport idea. I am also going to have challanges in each of the areas. I have brought some talking tins (TES) which I am going to record the challanges on. I am hoping this will be easier for the my year 1 children to access intructions independently. I was also thinking of having a challange area to direct the group too when using CP as well as Numeracy, lteracy, sand, computer, construction etc.. I thought the challange area could be changed weekly along with the literacy and numeracy areas. Areas such as construction, sand, water etc could then be left with a variety of challanges that I will change less frequently. Not sure how this will worK.

    I normally have a more structured approach to my year 2 class but in September I will have only 10 Year 2 and 18 year 1's so feel need to incorporate CP.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas. If I find any other useful ideas I will message you.
    Thanks Lisa xx

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