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constantly ill since I started teaching

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by anon1369, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I started my NQT year in september and since then I have been constantly ill. I normally have a good immune system and hardly ever get ill but I am starting to think that maybe the stress is causing all these illnesses. It's not just a case of having a cold, all my illnesses have been more severe than that and I'm not sure how much longer I can battle on.
    I'm only young and I'm worried about what my sickness record is going to look like! I have tried forcing myself to go in but as I have a long commute, it's not always possible when I am feeling really ill.
    I'm going to go and see the doctor but I'm not sure what to say because I don't really know what is wrong, I have just got a list of random symptoms and a general feeling of 'not feeling right'. Is it possible for stress to cause lots of illness?
    I feel pathetic that I can't cope with the demands of the job, what makes it worse is that the school are saying I am going to fail and I can't tell anyone this because who wants to look like a failure? And I think my head has just kind of given up - I'm doing the best I can but it's still not good enough.
  2. Hey CrazyChemist,

    I shouldn't worry about "not really knowing what is wrong" - if you're sick, you're sick, and going to see the Doctor is the right thing to do. It's THEIR job to work out the cause from your symptoms; it's YOUR job to look after yourself, and get well. No-one benefits from being sick - certainly not yourself, and not your school either - looking after your health is most important.

    If you/your doctor think it might be stress related, look into tackling that problem; and ask for help. You're an NQT - you can expect some support in this period where you're still the learner. They do need to know what you're struggling with - and then it's up to you to take up their suggestions and advice. Importantly, this is only something you can do when you are HEALTHY.

    If you need time out, you could leave with two terms experience, get well, and then do the final term perhaps in a new school. That's not an easy choice, but it might be better than risking failure in your NQT year. There really are worse things to have on your CV than some time off due to ill health!

    Hope that, and a trip to your doctor, helps...
  3. You are the best judge of what is normal for you ... if you are feeling there is something wrong then you are doing the right thing in going to the doctor. Yes, it could just be stress. It could be that you haven't built up your immunity to all the bugs at school yet. BTW, what are these "random" symptoms you are experiencing?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I have seen the doctor and have undergone a variety of tests but they don't know what is wrong with me so have just given me the 'take painkillers and come back if it gets worse' advice.
    The symptoms are: severe headache accompanied with blurred vision, feeling sick all the time, cramps all over abdomen with shooting pains in lower right of stomach (it feels like I have done a million sit ups my stomach is so tender) the stomach pains are also worse after eating, loss of appetite (very unlike me), heartburn, lower back ache, burping a lot and pains in ribs.
    I'm taking pain killers but they are not doing much. Luckily the headache has gone, for now! I've been like this for a week now and I know it's not right because this isn't how I normally feel!
  5. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    Have you had your appendix out? the lower right pain and lack of appetite made me think of it and I found this on the internet
    Early symptoms of appendicitis are those symptoms that most people with this condition may recognize and complain of.

    They include lower right sided abdominal pain of gradual onset, feeling sick (or nausea), and loss of appetite.

    Any one with these three symptoms can be assumed to have appendicitis until proven otherwise.
    The headache might not be related - have you had your eyes checked recently - my husband had headaches and it was his eyes.
    What ever it is I hope you feel better soon.
  6. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    Have you had your appendix out - the reference to lower right abdo pain and lack of appetite made me think about it and I found this on the internet.
    "Early symptoms of appendicitis are those symptoms that most people with this condition may recognize and complain of.

    They include lower right sided abdominal pain of gradual onset, feeling sick (or nausea), and loss of appetite.

    Any one with these three symptoms can be assumed to have appendicitis until proven otherwise."
    The headaches may be unrelated - how recently did you last have your eyes checked?
    Whatever it is I hope you feel better soon.
  7. No I haven't had my appendix out, but this is one of the things they checked me for but they said I wasn't in enough pain for it to be appendicitis. I had my eyes checked not so long ago but I do suffer from headaches anyway and have done since I was a teenager but they don't seem very keen on exploring this any further, instead they put it down to stress.
  8. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    It could be stress related but there is a slower burning version of appendicitis which used to be called a grumbling appendix. If it doesn't improve I'd go back and ask about that, if only to rule it out.
  9. Totally agree with Ruthie66. I couldn't even keep down water for 3 weeks and became so dehydrated with appendicitis - after I was finally taken into hospital they discovered appendicitis and that my appendix was perforated and gangrenous amongst other things. The point is that it was unpleasant pain, but not so bad that I was screaming or writhing in agony. However, they only just got it in time and it has led to several health problems later in life for being left so long, so do keep pushing them to take you seriously. Hope you feel better soon.
  10. Chrissi T

    Chrissi T New commenter

    I second mike teevee's post. I was admitted to hospital on four separate occasions with a 'rumbling' appendix. On the fourth time both the consultant and nurse said I couldn't possibly have appendicitis because I wasn't in enough pain, they said I had trapped wind! A few hours later my appendix burst and I nearly died due to the blood poisoning that resulted from this. The time frame from being admitted the first time to actually being
    on the operating table was about 6 months, so do be aware, it isn't very easy to diagnose!
  11. Thanks for all the replies, I had heard that appendicitis can happen over a long period of time but the consultant was adament this wouldn't happen. They checked my appendix and said it wasn't inflamed at all so I should be ok.
    Unfortunately my pain seems to have worsened although symptoms have changed somewhat. After my tea last night I felt so sick and full to the point of bursting, it felt as though my stomach was full right up to my chest. I also had bad chest pains which were shooting around into my back - however I think this was just a case of indigestion after not eating for so long.
    Since I got up this morning I have developed severe pain in my lower back which is much worse when sitting or bending, it is that painful I feel sick. I have also still got pains in the middle of my chest and pains going up the middle of my back. I am not sure if this has been caused by our bed?
    I'm going to keep a close eye on things and go back to the hospital if need be.

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