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Constantly forgetting PE kit - what do you do?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sweet_girl, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. sweet_girl

    sweet_girl New commenter

    I was just wondering what schools do with children who constantly forget their PE or swimming kit.
    We have several kids who never bother to bring PE kits to school. We make the kids keep their PE kit in school for the whole of the half term but I could be waiting all year for some kids to bother.
    We have tried having spare kits which get borrowed and never returned (we now make them sign for the kit in the office). We have also tried constantly nagging parents but they don't really care about school and so care even less about PE kits.
    What do other schools do with kids who never have a PE kit?
  2. If the children don't have a pe kit they have to fill in a pe misser form. They sit and watch the lesson and answer questions about the lesson on the form. These are then filed for reference (particularly handy for parents evening).
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Please tell me you are joking!?! This cannot be pleasant for the children to put on after a week or so. And to wear something that has been crumpled up in a bag for the best part of a month must be uncomfortable even without the sweat, etc.

    Depending on the lesson, sometimes mine do PE in their clothes. Other times they borrow kit. Other times they do related worksheets. Other times they analyse performance. Generally keep them involved in the lesson.

    I do get children sent to my class if they don't have swimming kit though. Means I get them for the entire afternoon and they miss going to the library as well. I disapprove, but there isn't a lot I can do and have bigger strops to have.
  4. We have spare kit in class that they wear for the lesson and give straight back to the class TA. This means they don't miss out on the physical activity (in case that is a reason for forgetting their kit). They then have to do lines during their next break, draconian, but it works for most.
  5. rosyjan

    rosyjan New commenter

    We have this or totally inappropriate PE kit like jeans or pyjamas, so myself and the classteacher have bought clothing and plimsols from a charity shop, lend them out each lesson and get them back after each lesson, washed every other week by me the TA. Lines or extra work would never work with some of ours, some would prefer this to PE. Not sure about swimming kits though.
  6. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    No kit = no PE, you have to sit and watch. We have a standard letter that goes home if kids have to watch a lesson because they don't have the kit. If they miss 3 lessons (Biscuit Thief type) we give them the kit and take it back at the end of the lesson.
  7. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    In my class you have to walk around the edge of the field/playground (we have no hall so those are the options) while the rest of us do PE. If there is more than one they walk in opposite directions, no stopping to chat, no breaks for drinks/ a rest. It is really boring for them and I've not had any-one do it after the first half-term. It means that they miss out on the teaching input but not the exercise.
    Also talk to parents at the end of the school day ... for all the good that does.
  8. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    This is really eye opening for me! We had an LEA a training session recently where we were told catagorically that it was the child's right to do PE and they were not allowed to miss it because they didn't have a kit!
    We keep a stash of spare bits in the cupboard which are dished out if people have not got their kit (am not sure what the posted who said things never came back meant-surely they change back into their school uniform straight away?).
    We also tend to dread sending their kits home as they take weeks to come back!

    I remember children doing PE in their vests and knickers when I was at school if they had no kit-they didn't often do it twice...!
  9. Minnie, we are like Sweet girl. Our children keep their kit in for the half term. They are Year 2 and are not smelly, so that isn't really a problem. They are crumpled, but to be honest as a parent I much prefer it as my children would never remember to bring it in each week! My eldest is in Year 6 and they are supposed to take it home each week. My daughter has brought it home twice I think so I wouldn't fancy doing PE with Year 6 much!
    In Year 6 it is a standing joke that if they forget their kit they have to wear the 'Kit of Shame' which legend says has been unwashed for years.
    In Year 2 we have a spare kit box which the children borrow from. If they persist in forgetting it (or the parents persist) we send a forgotten PE kit form home and mention it to the parents.
  10. My own childrens school do the half term thing and to be honest yes a bit crumpled but not smelly as young children tend not to really sweat that much and its only couple of lessons a week. I prefer it that way as parent as know id forget at some point to send it in.
    Own school its meant to be all week, then those who do clubs go home after club with it and forget to bring back next day. Have some persistent offenders and nothing (tried pretty much all the above) really seems to impact. For some they clearly dont like PE and for others its just chaotic homelife, in previous school would add to that those who just didnt have a kit!
    Its the footwear in the spare kit box that always seems to be the issue. Really keep meaning to get couple of sets of all sizes of black pumps but can see how they disappear its the person in charge of class as they borrow not ensuring come back at end of lesson
  11. lardylady

    lardylady Star commenter

    I keep horrendous charity shop kit in the cupboard that gets washed once a year. Offenders soon learn their lesson when they have to go outside in the playground in floral culottes- and that's just the boys. The same kits have been used in all classes I have taught, from Y1 - Y5. So on some, they're quite snug.
  12. ShadowMan

    ShadowMan New commenter

    Yes - i've got a bucket of old kit that's been there for at least 9 years. I've never washed it. The kids don't seem to mind at all. Never had any complaints.
  13. I keep spare kit in my cupboard for the kids to use. We also brought in old towels and swimming costumes from home for the kids - in our school a few kids weren't forgetting so much as didn't have a kit, so we wash them too.
  14. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    Ooh I may have to borrow this idea! At the moment I either make them sit and watch doing peer assessment, referee a match or join in in their uniform (depending on which will annoy them then most - those that would love to join in anyway are made to sit and watch, those who would chop off an arm if it meant they could avoid PE are made to join in!)
  15. I am really surprised gogojonny hasn't commented on this thread!!
    If the child always forgets I have a spare kit which they use (I have to wash it myself though). I do the same with swimming kit.
    If a child forgets sometimes I get them to watch others and make notes on what they do well and how they could improve their performance - this works best in gym and dance. I then get them to feed back to the group they were working with.
    Whan I was in year 5 I had one little lad who never had his kit because he refused to do PE point blank. His mum tried but never pushed hard enough and let him have his way so I told him to have free time on computers (my class good behaviour and excellent learner award) he had to take part in all areas of the curriculum. After missing 2 weeks of free computer time his kit was in school on Monday without fail!!

  16. Our kids HAVE to take part in PE, regardless whether they have their kit or not.
  17. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    I always have spare kit that I wash. Letters should go home and parents should be approached, but it is rarely the chilldren's fault if they don't have kit. There are no other lessons that'd they'd miss if they didn't have the right equipment. I don't see why P.E should be any different.
  18. Spare kit always available. Not having kit is no excuse to not take part in PE. Quite funny watching the fat kids squeeze into it and the skinny kids get drowned by it!

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