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Constant criticism of new head

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by DaisysLot, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I don't have any advice, but constant unfounded criticism is merely a way of deflecting attention from ones own weakness...
  2. I know of Head's in a similar positions and have spoken to Deputies who have a new head whom they don't work well with.
    I am sure the Head knows of the situation and is trying to sort things out - has she/he done any team building work with the SLT/had Governors involved etc?
    You could broach the subject with someone on the SLT that you get on with (off the record)? Or even with the Head themselves-if you think they don't know.
    It is often very hard for a new head and those people who should be able to handle and help with the change are sometimes the one who can't!
  3. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    And if the criticism is not unfounded?

  4. It is the function of SLT to ensure that all staff behave professionally at all times whilst at work. No criticism of a colleague (founded or unfounded) should be made public in the way you describe.
  5. second that, tell someone and complain, it may be just the impetus/catalyst the SLT have been looking for.
  6. Write to the Chair of Governors and ask that your name be kept anonymous. Ask that a staffroom protocol be introduced as a matter of urgency. Unions sometimes help and might ring the Head to tell her on your behalf.
  7. As a member of the SLT it is their job to challenge and debate with the HT in private, but as soon as they set foot outside the Head's door they must be effectively one voice. Otherwise the staff get mixed messages and find the gossip very unsettling. Go and speak to the head and explain the problem - you don't need to give names. It sounds like the SLT aren't being candid with each other but unless the HT knows there is a problem they can't do much able it.

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