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Considering Singapore, but what about non-teaching partner?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by bbibbler, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. bbibbler

    bbibbler New commenter

    Trailing spouses seems to be a hot topic on here recently.

    If the school really want you, they may be able to sort out a job for your husband. Maybe in the EAL department, maybe in the office or possibly in the PE department.

  2. Well done, Blibble - for me and I hope a few punters this sums up one thing - you are very economical with the truth.
    What are we to believe, non -drinker, heart attack, cancer (Kuala Lumpur chicken thread - post 6 - Blibbler - 'It was 6 years ago, I am fine now, no more cancer.'?
    You are low, my friend very, very low.
    Now all the posters can see you for what you are.
    Time you left and reinvented yourself.
  3. Panjang

    Panjang New commenter

    Hi Jessjaw - I've sent a message to your inbox.
  4. Just don't apply for work in the local schools under ***. Trust me...
  5. Buttles

    Buttles New commenter

    The standard of written English in Singapore is below scientific and mathematical standards as evidenced by the high school grade certificates posted on the windows of tuition centres in the shopping malls.
    Typically, the Singaporeans get A and B grades for Cambridge Maths/Science but only C for English Language.
  6. Congrats on coming to Singapore. You DO NOT need 10k to get by on here. I work at one of the big Internationals and I'll tell you that only 2 perhaps 3 schools pay that sort of money. Non -profit ones. So, if you're like most of us, your salary will be lower than that. Regarding your partner getting work - first thing he needs to worry about is a permit to stay here! Unless you're married of course.

    Once you've got that permit, private tuition is an easy option.

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