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Considering change of career path advice please

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by fella, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. fella

    fella New commenter


    I have been teaching Geography ks3/4/5 since 2004, but I now find that I am beginning to lose my enthusiasm and enjoyment for teaching.

    I would still like to use the skills and experience and enthusiasm for my subject that I have gained in this time, so am considering switching to teaching adults.

    Either FE or HE. I am looking for any advice or guidance that people may be able to give on how workloads, pay, etc compare.
    Is it simple to transfer? I have taught A level, but I am wondering how to get into lecturing or any other for. Of adult education.

  2. ZanyInsany

    ZanyInsany New commenter

    Pay - less, but not significantly
    workload - less but not significantly
    holidays - less but not significantly

    FE/HE are not necessarily easier. There are still behaviour issues, just no formal way of dealing with these, such as in schools, yet you still have to hit achievement, punctuality, attendance and retention targets.

    I transferred from school to FE/HE 3 years ago and do not regret it. The pressures are less, the micro managing are less, I'm basically just left to get on with my job, whilst jumping through a couple of hoops every now and then. Of course, that is just my college, and my subject area (not Geography), and others may well have different experiences.
  3. abuzayd1987

    abuzayd1987 New commenter

    In my experience, the qualifications which allowed you to teach ks 3-5 should suffice to allow you teach in FE, but not sure about HE, so from that aspect, you just need to apply to jobs.

    In terms of what it is like in FE, my experience has been the following:

    - no automatic holidays. You are given a number of days a year (around 40 odd in my limited experience m) which you then have to book (kind of like an office worker in any other setting)

    - far more job instability than secondary schools due to less funding.

    - where I am A-levels are increasingly becoming less prevelant given every secondary school has a sixth form or is on its way to having one and are pretty much holding on to a good number of the market share of students. vocational courses and the incoming T-levels are where it’s at as far as FE is concerned from what I can see.

    - related to that last point. A subject like geography wouldn’t lead to plentiful job opportunities where I am as you would be pretty much limited to sixth form colleges, of which there aren’t many or maybe some of the independent colleges (of which I know nothing outside of the adverts on the back of buses around my way). Either way vacancies may be few and far between (perhaps it’s different in other places?)

    - there are far more layers of manager types than LA schools or schools in general I reckon, if you wish to climb the greasy pole of leadership, (e.g. section managers, heads of school, followed by various “director of...” roles and a myriad of coordinators). All of this gives a good deal of scope for lateral and vertical moves with possible pay increases to match.

    - whilst you can be left alone to get on with your job in some colleges this is not the case in all. Regardless, the one thing they all share is the immense pressures that are felt over retention and results. So things like monthly or bimonthly open evenings and year round recruitment drives and interviews are realities you would soon become familiar with.

    That’s all I can think of to tell you about what the sector is like. Hope it helps and if people find it somewhat inaccurate based on their own experience then hopefully they will correct any inaccuracies.
  4. fella

    fella New commenter

    Thankyou for the advice. I have seen an ad for a local 6th form college, I may apply and see what happens. My main concern is unfortunately, pay.

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