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Consequences and rewards

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by Happy Chappy, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to ask people what kinds of sanctions you all have in your schools. SMT very keen to use praise and rewards for children, but do not apply any kind of sanctions. All problem children to be dealt with by individual teachers rather than management- is this the norm? Therefore lowl level disruptions never dealt with!!

    Would be nice to hear from other primary teachers. I have a nice class but they rae very unkind to eachother and despite my carrying out all my sanctions for bad behaviour (not within expectations) children are not learning and am finding that SMT are very soft on them. There is no sense of respect for teachers (this comment also made by other teachers in school) and it is getting worse- mainly because no one wants to know.
    please post- am considering trying a different school, might help me to decide.
  2. Tom_Bennett

    Tom_Bennett Occasional commenter

    This is a terrible system; no wonder you're vexed (bruv). Without a whole school system, every teacher loses the strength found in unity, and it's you against the room. This is madness. If the kids know that the school backs up your discipline then they'll know that eventually they'll be caught out, and will play the system a bit less as a result.
    And if they know it won't? No respect for adult authority because there isn't any to speak of. And all because senior management won't face up to their responsibilities- which include providing a safe, secure environment where learning can take place. You have my sympathy, and a shudder of horror as I contemplate that the people you work for actually have the care for hundreds of children in their hands. Awful.
    If I were you, I'd take my services somewhere that valued them- and children. And as you leave set off every fire alarm as you go.*
    Good luck
    *Don't do this. Nice thought though.

    PS: normal sanctions usually include detentions, phone calls home, parental meetings, loss of golden time, etc. Add consistency, fairness and rigour.
  3. Horrible situation - my sympathies. Without the support of SMT, could you buddy with another teacher? Offering time out for one another. If you've given all your warnings, rather than SMT, they go and work in the younger class next door (and vice versa)? I'm all for positive behaviour management .... But what are you supposed to do when students don't buy in. I'd be interested to know what advice are you given when you tell SMT that dispite all of your positive strategies, little Jonny still throws pencils and shouts out????
  4. Whole school approach works for us. System of 2 warnings and then a slip for a third 'offence'. Works well because the common understanding is that after two warnings, you really should have changed your behaviour. Consequence is a loss of breaktime/lunchtime. 3 of these slips in a term and parents invited in to discuss the issue. 6 slips in a term and child is not invited to attend the end of term treat - so really puts this in the child's hands as they are in control of whether they attend or not.
    Different slip issued immediately for bigger offences - violence. Loss of breaktimes again with parents being contacted to inform them.
    We tend to try and avoid the removal from lessons as this disrupts the learning. We find that the system does work as children do change their behaviour mid lesson as they are very clear on the consequences.
    Schools without a whole school approach will struggle as the consequences for the same action differ from room to room.

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