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connectives lesson

Discussion in 'Primary' started by ghd760, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. Does anyone have any good ideas for teaching connectives to a group who are around NC level 2-3? Trying to be a bit more creative and multisensory but am a bit stuck on this one!
  2. What ideas have you come up with so far? If you post some of your own ideas, it gives people something to work from. Also, more people will be inclined to reply if they see some basic ideas.
  3. Oh yes, sure, will do. I'll pop back tomorrow when I've firmed up my lesson plan to see if anyone can think of anything else. I'm going to stage it in terms of what connectives are for, being able to identify a connective and then moving onto using them in sentences. Have got some activities on the iwb to do but will fill in more detail later...
  4. I use cards with sentences with no punctuation on them. The children then choose a suitable connective to join two of the sentences and choose a capital letter and a full stop card to put in the correct place. This works well on big cards so that children can hold them up at the front for whole class work.
  5. I look forward to reading your ideas. It seems that, now you have given us a quick outline of what you would like to cover, people are already suggesting some good ideas.
  6. Thanks, sorry I got so engrossed in planning it that the ideas then came to me and it seemed to work out. The lesson went really well - phew! Thanks for your replies everyone xx

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