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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by blademaid, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. If you're BF I found a squirt of BM every feed worked a treat :)
  2. She's 14 months.. I stopped at 6 months so were stuck with the drops!
  3. Ours went away even with bungled attempts at squirting them in. It's always fun trying to put drops in the eyes of a wriggling toddler isn't it? We just kept trying to get them in there til she had been clear of pus for a day then stopped.
  4. Astra - an optician once told me to mix 1/2 tsp of bicarb of soda in cooled, boiled water and bathe lids with cotton wool pads (new one for each eye obviously). This works as well as eye drops, is very cheap and very effective. Might be easier than the drops too.
  5. Thanks all and that's a good tip jones because eye drop fiasco is not happening!
  6. Our GP would not prescribe eye drops and said that it was policy within the County not to prescribe them any more. He said that it should be treated like a runny nose and that the eye(s) should be wiped clean (just as you would wipe a runny nose) but also for adults to maintain good hand hygiene etc etc although you obviously can't stop babies form rubbing their eyes and then wiping on other stuff! At LOs nursery, there were 5 of them that had it at the same time; 3 were using drops and 2 weren't. LOs cleared up after 10-12 days.
    pogo x
  7. On and off with this still - was wiping them after dinner and they suddenly swelled up like a pair of goggles - she is so distressed - doctor again but I'm getting quite upset for her about this - she looks awful
  8. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Both of mine have conjunctivitis at the moment. My daughter's eye was a bit gunky on Tues, then yesterday she woke up with it stuck to her cheek pretty much and the eyelid was all red and swollen. My son also woke up with gunky eyes. I took them to the doctor and they both have drops, and she has antibiotics too. They're already both a lot better, her eye is no longer red and swollen. Getting the drops in is a nightmare though!
  9. Sympathies Chica... Double whammy! I am just so tired/ upsetfor us both about it now - drips seem to do nothing and she was literally feeling around the cot like a blind person with the swelling - so upsetting ..

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