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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by gorgybaby, May 8, 2010.

  1. Anyone suffer from this? I have had it twice in the last few years. I had awfully painful eyes for a week before I contacted docs. I was given Chloramphenicol, which did soothe them but it has now been well over a week since I finished the drops and I still have painful eyes. Not half as bad, but I still feel they are not right. I don't know whether to go back and see the doc (I will do anything to avoid this) or try to wait it out. If anyone has experience of this and any advice I would be sooo grateful, it is getting me down.
  2. You must go back to the doctor and get stronger medication. should also ask if you can go to eye hospital and they could take a swab to see if it is an infection or a virus. All are easily treatable. If you use eye make up / mascara stop using it and preferably through it away ,the infection could be in the makeup. Remember to wash all bedding, towels , flannels etc at 40 degrees or higher to kill off bugs. Do not share anything with any beloved family members until this is gone. Good luck
  3. Thank you. Splott. I must say, I am feeliing very sorry for myself. I called in at the chemist yesterday hoping they would giv me something but they wouldn't. I had a look on the net for home remedies, and tried honey water and salt water. The salt water is soothing it a bit, but not much. Honey water didn't seem to do anything. I am being careful with towels and am even - anyone who knows me will not believe this - contemplating leaving off the mascara tomorrow!! I am looking pretty rough anyway to be honest - swollen red eyes aren't the best look.
    I did wonder about eye make-up so once I have new medication I will call and treat myself to a new mascara. I fele I'm worth it.
  4. If you live within travelling distance of Moorfields (or any other eye specialist hospital) get yourself to them. Had a bad bout a few years ago (youngest came back from a Greek island with the 'eye'). Do not think it is just an eye infection, Moorfields saved my sight in one eye. Sorry just realised this sounds dreadful, but want you to know that I thought it was just pink eye etc, but the pain eventually became worse than labour..... Good advice to get rid of all eye make up etc. Good luck.
  5. Thank you. I went and saw the doc, I have some different drops. Weirdly they stung more in my "good" eye than in the one that has given me the most pain. I still don't think it is anything that serious but i will be very careful and if it doesn't clear up in another few days I will go back. left school before meetings tonight because I just feel generally rough. Thanks again,
  6. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Hope it all settles down. It's quite debilitating when you have an eye inflammation.
    At least you know what symptoms to watch out for if you do get iritis. Mine sometimes starts just in one corner, so be vigilant.
    Have a nice day [​IMG]
  7. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I get bouts of repeated conjunctivitis and dermatitis of the eyelids. It's horrid. Usuallt I get one or two styes in the eye before the conjunctivitis, then the drrmatitis staarts and all the skin around the eye and on the eyelid goes red, cracks and peels.
    Treatment is antibiotic drops and dry eye drops (I have that too! So not a good look) and you have to persist. For the dermatitis I use steroid cream (yes, it is ok to use!) and antibiotic cream. After a lengthy bout I do end up with lashes like Bambi though with the steroids.
    If you persist and it gets no better you must go back to gp.

  8. Poor you - I have a history (going back 20 years) of the herpes virus in my eye, and when this flares up I feel very unwell, and the eye department at the local hospital sign me off for 2 weeks. However last year it was conjunctivitis and I felt just as unwell. I would repeat previous peoples advice - go to the eye department where they have the machines to properly look in your eyes and see what is going on.
  9. A number of years ago I had repeated eye infections and had many prescriptions. I eventually went to the eye clinic and it was discovered I had a cyst on my lower eye lid. This was removed and I've never had an infection again; I'd seen so many GPs, had so many different drops and no one had noticed the cyst!
  10. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Please go and see the doc again! I had a bad case of conjuntivitis a while ago and decided to try and wait it out after the drops had finished, but the conjuntivitis turned into ulcerative conjuntivitis - not nice!
  11. Thanks so much all of you for your kind messages, it is really nice to know I am not the only one who suffers, not that I would wish it on you, obviously! My eyes are very sore today but less itchy. I barely wore any mascara - honestly couldn't go to school without any! Kids were all saying "You look well different, Miss". I look incredibly tired, I think. I normally will do anything rather than visit the doc but since this is abating a bit I thought I would ask for a referral to the eye hospital if there is a next time. Every couple of months is a bit much.
    The doc did have a good look in my eyes last time I went but tbh he was very young. I thought he was very thorough, to be honest.
    What do you all do about eye make-up btw? I would never go to school without mascara and today i am probably wrong but I just dabbed a bit on trying to keep away from the lids. I thought if i start a new one I will have to throw it away in a couple of days and am about to take it all off now and rinse with salt water. What do you do?
  12. madenglishgirl

    madenglishgirl New commenter

    Just abandon it until the infection has cleared up 100% - bin what you've got and get new stuff, especially the mascara...conjunctivitis is highly contaigious! I think I've had it a bit more hardcore than you, because I've hardly been able to open my eyes because of the pusy crust sealing them shut. I could barely bring myself to put water on them, let alone makeup!
  13. I don't get any ***** stuff at all. Very painful., watery. Itch like mad. Now more sore than itchy. It is because of the lack of gunky discharge that I ignored it for so long before i first went - didn't realise that you don't "have" to have that for it to be conjunctivitis. it is getting me down big time now.
  14. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    I wondered how you were getting on, gorgy.
    I empathize with the mascara. No-one is allowed to see me without mascara. Have even been known to put it on to go to bed....[​IMG]
    Get yourself some lightly tinted sunglasses. They will make you look and feel much better, although people will ask why you are wearing them and it does get a bit monotonous explaining.
    When I get iritis, I often have to have one pupil very dilated. Having green eyes, it really stands out and people recoil in horror ( I don't know how David Bowie goes on ). Sunglasses are a must.
    You poor thing.[​IMG]
  15. Bless you Dunty, thank you. There is a definite improvement, but I still look and feel very tired. I was wondering if anyone has tried old folk remedies? I started taking vit C at Christmas, fat lot of good it did me although Mr g has had a dreadful cold and I haven't. i did buy some Manuka honey but not tried it on my eyes yet.
    I like the idea of sunglasses - I might look gently mysterious rather than as if I have done a few rounds with tyson!
  16. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Dunty. I like that. [​IMG]

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