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Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by sagacious, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. This is a difficult situation. Technically and legally a NQT can be given a HOD post and paid for that post, BUT the school must ensure that there is adequate support for that person to do the job. Normally a NQT should not be given extra responsibility without extra support and, if they are being asked to do jobs normally done by managers they should also be provided with release time on top of their NQT and PPA time.
    Appointing someone to be a specialist teacher, stating that they 'cannot' make them a HOD but expecting them to do the job is, in my view unreasonable. Yes the current person should leave the post in a way which makes a transition easy to a new person/department.
    If you are not HOD then asking you to interview and do timetables is again, in my view unreasonable. You need to go back to the school and ask how the department will be supported and managed - e.g. by a member of the SLT? The SLT line manager for that department?
    You need to concentrate on your NQT year and meeting induction standards. The guidance is quite clear that you should not be asked to take on responsibility and, if you are that there is adequate support. From what you write the support does not seem to be automatic and the expectations of you appear unreasonable.
    The Sage

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