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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by anon62, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Firstly, i just want to apologise for what might seem like a completely me, me, me post that is likely to have tmi in it, but i am so confused at the moment!
    I temp check, cervix check, cm check each month. Last month i did not ovulate according to my temps. My body kept trying as i had multiple patches of ewcm and positive opk's, but no temp change. Anyway, body gave up and AF arrived at about 36 days. This month has gone totally mad. According to fertility friend, i ovulated on day 12. No positive opk's this month, but did have some ewcm and open cervix, and temps have gone up so am assuming that ovulation happened. Yesterday morning after i had been to the loo i noticed some blood when i wiped and had some tummy cramps (this was 6dpo). Thought it could be implantation, or some mid-2ww spotting that i sometimes get, though not usually like this and not usually with the cramps. Saw nothing else yesterday. Then this morning, there was more spotting - not much else during the day, but have got cramps again that come and go, and tend to be to one side or the other. My temps have not yet gone down either.
    Basically - is this a very early AF or could i still have my fingers crossed for implantation? My body has gone loopy - if this is AF then it is my shortest cycle by a mile (18 days) and a horrendously short luteual phase. Could this be due to last months lack of ovulation? Has anyone had something similar?
    Any advice, or own stories would be very welcome
  2. Having just gone to the loo for a number 2 (sorry, tmi), and then wiped, there is more blood (all brown), and i just checked my cervix which is low and there was more brown blood and a bit of a clot, so i think AF is definately here! Oh well, trip to the doctors again then!!!
    Off to console myself with a warm bath, and maybe some ice-cream!
  3. I can't help with your questions, but wanted to know how you go about checking your cervix? I don't have any idea how to go about this.

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