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Confused with supply!

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by flower16, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Hi I wanted your advice on something that I am so confused about. I joined to do supply work last year and only worked for one day due to not getting any luck with supply work in local area. However I then lost contact with the agency and they then sent me a letter of deactivation in january of this year. I am now hoping to join another agency, but they have asked me if i have had a extended time for supply from my LEA? I know the limit is 16 months but i only worked for one day. Does the time limit count the days you worked or from the day you join the agency?
  2. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    time that you have been at the agency, also includes holidays ie the summer holidays even though you are not working. If you need an extension I would be very surprised if you didn' get it.
  3. I did not know this, i thought only the days you actually work as supply are only counted towards the time limit. So basically i have lost out all those months of supply!
  4. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Afraid so. I spoke to a girl at Lancs council who said they have been granting up to 4 extensions to to the lack of permenant jobs x
  5. Hi
    Even though you only did one day of induction, that started the 16 month time limit. It is 16 calendar months from that day. If that period has been used up, then you must apply for an extension with any and all LAs that you intend to work within. You should be granted an initial extension of up to 12 months without too much trouble. This is one of the many issues with induction that we need to address when the induction regulations are up for consultation later this year.

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