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confused! Overseas checks...

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by thehurricane84, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. I have mentioned it in my CRB's, which is why I don't understand the need for it. Especially since I have worked in a school for a year, then completed my PGCE, and then taught supply through other agencies, without anyone mentioning this even once before. Just wanted to know whether this was the proper procedure and my previous employers/trainers had been lax, or is it unnecessary.
  2. Whether it is really necessary or not, it can be very difficult, and expensive, to obtain such documentation, especially if it involves a stay in a Third World country.
  3. I was living in Asia for 4 years. I registered for a CRB as soon as I returned and about 6 others and have never been required to get an overseas police check. To be honest any police check from most Asia countries are a joke. You could in theory commit a crime in one city and then apply in another city for the check and the offence wouldn't show up due to lack of file sharing.
  4. "I have mentioned it in my CRB's, which is why I don't understand the need for it.".

    In theory an applicant could have committed crimes abroad. I have heard of a teacher who was waiting over a year for CRB clearance to come through because of time overseas. I can understand it is a bureaucratic nightmare for someone who may have clearance delayed because of time abroad.

    My surprise is that some employers or CRB are ignoring checking lengthy time overseas.

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