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Confused of the way forward

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by darrencough, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. In my experience most Colleges like a PGCE, the reason for this is because they are confused themselves about the changes happening so quickly.
  2. Balderdash!
  3. Well! I never heard of that before!

    My place puts new staff onto a PGCE as it does not run the course itself, funding seems to be easier and most people know what one is.
    But my last place ran the then P/C/DTLLS in house and we all got one of those.
    So it is very much horses for courses. Just decide whether or not you want to be able to easily teach in a school as, despite the news of equivalency for the next 18 months, getting the PGCE(QTS) would be your best bet.

  4. Why did you say only 18 mo Pobbie? Where did this information come frommmmm???
  5. A number of colleagues who are currently doing their PGCEs were told this last week. If you get your FE PGCE in the next 18months it will cary QTS or an equivalency!
    I haven't looked it up as the person who told them is usually very well informed.I assumed it is a stop gap whilst the powers that be reconsider the whole IfL/professionalism debacle.
  6. Pobble, is there any more news on this to help clarify the way forward?
  7. Not so, as you would know if you are the teacher educator you once claimed to be. There are no plans, no policy shift, no chance that the FE PGCE/Cert Ed/PCET/call it what you will allow progression to QTS. It would need regulatory change (and the political will) and that ain't gonna happen. This periodic rumour does the rounds.
  8. Now who is the fool????
  9. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    "Never the twain shall meet" hopefully.

  10. I knew there was something naggling in the back of my head when my erstwhile colleague told me of his good news. That is it, of course.Now... do I tell him? No, he'll only get all righteous and angry and I just don't have the patience!
    So I will now consign his teacher to the numpty box. If he is educating 'em he ought to know better.
    I thank you for the correction!
    I also thank you as it has restored my faith in my ability to find stuff on t'internet. I'd had a look to see if I could corroborate 'the news' and (obviously) failed. Now I see why [​IMG]

  11. Pobble don't be taken in by the teachererd or teacherherder or whatever. Information may be corrected but the underlying attitude of smugness and arrogance is never going to change.
  12. The teacher education community is no different to any other teaching community - good 'uns, mediocre 'uns and bad 'uns, the informed, the mis-informed and the ill-informed. You'll not believe how difficult it is to get folk to keep up to-date and there is a disinclinate towards CPD of a magnitude.
  13. Like I said, unbelivably jaded. Listen sister, if you really feel that way, seriously you should leave OUR profession. Trainees need inspiration not condenmation. And yes, from what you have said, I have done it as long or longer than you. 20 years - give it up. Hate policy, blame Gove, but DON'T spread this dispirit and poor professional attitude anymore to the new teachers.
  14. Becoming tedious now. The joke has worn a little thin. Interesting how trolls who start as amusing little distractions always revert to type.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. Hi I like yourself started work and trained for a profession then wanted
    more for my career. I left school with very little in the way of GCSEs and
    trained a mechanic to Level 3 NVQ level.

    Last year I gained employment in my local F.E College teaching Automotive. I
    was able to start the job, with no teacher training completed and my employer
    put me on an in house teacher training course. The course I have started is
    DTLLS at level 5 (which incidentally started with PTLLS). I am told this will
    allow me to gain QTLS although it may not be a mandatory requirement. I have
    also been told this should allow me to teach in the compulsory education sector
    as well, although I would find it tough to land a post due to the way things
    are in history.

    I chose to do DTLLS and not an F.E PGCE as I knew it would be hard to get
    into studying writing essays etc. This has partly been funded by the IFL and my

    With PTLLS and some teaching experience it should just be matter of
    waiting till a job comes up at your local college. I would have thought you
    could teach I.T or even business?

    It is true you can take English and Maths exams and some employers will let you take a Level 3 qualification as well if you need to.
    I hope this helps


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