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Confused, indignant and fed up

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by soFrustrated, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone.
    I'm really hoping to get some advice on my current situation, as I'm starting to feel slightly taken advantage of, but am not sure if it's all in my head.
    I completed my PGCE a couple of years ago, but had to delay completing my NQT year as I fell pregnant 3 months before the end of my final placement. A year ago I felt ready to rejoin the world of education, but in my area, jobs in the subject I specialise in a few and far between. Because of this I took a post as a cover supervisor.
    Since I started this job, reponsibilities have slowly started to stack up, ranging from being given 'intervention' groups for my specialist subject that I am now expected to teach, being told I HAD to run an extra-curricular club for my subject area, and finally, being allocated ALL of the cover for this subject, even when teacher absences last onwards of 3 weeks. This has essentially led to me delivering GCSE subjects, and marking work on the bus to and from school, because I don't recieve any PPA (because I am a lowly CS, and any 'free' periods I am expected to carry out TA roles in the classroom).
    Today really got me angry though. I am allocated a Y11 group, and I was taken away from MY class (which I'm sure really shouldn't be mine anyway because surely the job role of a CS is to supervise, not teach?) to cover another lesson. I've no problem with this at all, except I was asked to provide cover work for the original class to do? Is this right?
    I also feel it is prudent at this time to point out that I do NOT get paid any extra for taking on these additional reponsibilities, and most were done because I did not feel able to say no when asked. I guess I'm just starting to feel like I'm being taken advantage of big time.
    Any thoughts, opinions or simply being told to stop being stupid would be much appreciated =]
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I didn't want you to feel ignored.... In the current climate I think you need to chalk this up as a stepping stone, experience clocking and keep that eye open for a teaching job with the confidence that you have acquired valuable experience and will be supported with a good reference. I understand your frustration, but the advent of cover supervisors meant that such things would invariably occur, and in the main teachers object to cover supervisors undertaking such tasks in lieu of them. I would look carefully at your job description.... if it's anything like a qualified teachers job description then there may be the 'and any other duties as directed' statement. You're only chance of any kind of objection is to note what other cover supervisors at your school do/ do not do, and point differences out as unfair, though if you hold QTS there is no reason other than the morality factor that would allow your line managers to direct you into planning.
  3. Sorry to be so blunt about it, but rod and own back spring to mind.
    I know it is very easy for others to sit in judgement, but anyone qualified as a teacher I strongly feely should never accept a CS job, for many many reasons debated on the various forums on here previously. If one does go against that they should work to rule - that is be a CS in name and fact - not set work, not deliver teaching, purely baby sit.
    And if the school want extra curricular, then that is something that should be paid for on a pro rata basis.
    Equally, I don't really see how taking a CS job will assist you in the long run either - speaking as someone who spent time on supply (out of prefence not due to not being able to secure a full time perm. contract), I know that in a lot of places I was viewed as working on supply because I couldn't get a perm job, and therefore assumptions made about my skills and abilities. Using this as a guideline, I could imagine that there will be schools who will not consider someone who has worked as a CS for the same reason. Coupled with the fact that CS pays peanuts - sorry again to come across as rude, this in not my intent, but if it were me I would certainly be looking at either supply teaching (and I know this has issues with regards to the NQT time starting) or a related education job (eg in a museum etc) or a completely different field.
    I know how posts sometimes come across, so I was hesitant in posting this, as I didn't want to come across as militant, nasty or similar - I just feel for you in what is obviously a difficult and frustrating position, and give you back up in letting you know you should not have to put up with what you currently are. Good luck with it all [​IMG]
  4. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Sorry you're having to put up with all this. I completely agree with you and won't tell you to put up and shut up. You're right, you're being taken advantage of, and you need to put your foot down. Is there a cover supervisor agreement or job description (in the same vein as the workload agreement for teachers) which you could refer back to in order to justify refusing to set cover? I'd talk to your line manager as a matter of urgency, explaining how things will change in future and asking for it to be minuted - if not, go and see the head. You're not paid enough to be dealing with all this c.rap!
  5. baitranger

    baitranger Occasional commenter

    It seems to me that every hour of every day that you continue to do what you're told to do you are accepting it, albeit with anger and resentment.
    You could make a stand, perhaps with the help of your union, and simply not set work etc.
    There will be risks in doing this and in the end it probably comes down to how much you need the money.
    I agree that what you are doing at present as a CS is not really going to help you to get a teaching post.

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