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Confused by mat leave pay... how long?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by cath1980, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Hi, my baby is almost 20 weeks. When I put my mat details in writing I said I would go bk to work after the Easter hols, as that is what my husband said which gives me 11 more weeks off and my baby will be 31wks, however am I entitled to take 39weeks? I have looked at the directgov info etc but it just says 'upto 39 wks' Can anyone help? if I can have an additional 8wks with my baby then I dont want to miss out on it. I know my husband would prefer earlier but now I have questioned it he says is up to me. I know that I hadn't met the continuous employment thing as although I have worked at the school for over 2 years. i am on a temp contract that has been renewed
  2. princessmelody

    princessmelody New commenter

    Have a read of this. You can take up to 52 weeks but only 39 are paid....darn it..can't paste the link on my iPhone. Just google maternity leave teachers and look at the nut site.
  3. I can't remember how long you have to be in your job to get this but here goes
    4 weeks full pay
    2 weeks 90% pay
    12 weeks half pay + SMP (SMP Is about £530 pre tax)
    21 weeks SMP only
    because we get paid monthly
    1st month - £30 less than full pay (because of the 3 days at 90% pay
    2nd month - roughly £300 less than full pay
    3rd month and 4th month (12 weeks half pay section) £400 less than full pay
    after that just SMP

    obviously this will vary depending where you are on the pay scale but I wanted to know how much I would get per month and no-one (HR wise) would tell me
    hope this helps

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