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Confused about weaning!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by katy_lou_99, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I'm after some advice regarding weaning. My DD is 6 months on the 10th February and for a couple of weeks have been giving her tastes of food (broccoli, sweet potato, carrot and parnsip), but she seems to spit nearly all of it out, is this what happens in the first few weeks of weaning? She is still having all of her milk feeds. Also how long do you keep doing the tasting for? I saw the health visitor at clinic on Friday and she said that she should be on 3 meals a day in 10 days time but that seems far too soon as she is still not taking much of the food. I want to take it gradually and not rush her.
    Any advice / experiences gratefully received!!
  2. It sounds like she might not have lost her tongue thrust reflex yet. It was a loooooong time before our daughter was on three meals a day! We did baby-led weaning with her and just began offering something at evening meal, then breakfast, then lunch. You're right to not want to rush her :) How does she react if you just hand her the spoon?
  3. She puts it to her mouth and then proceeds to throw it on the floor!
  4. [​IMG] That sounds perfectly normal to me! I am very surprised at the advice from your HV given the recommendations are that babies don't even begin weaning until 6 months - so to expect them to start straight off on three meals a day seems a bit ridiculous!
    What's your gut telling you to do? [​IMG]
  5. It's telling me not to rush her. Thanks for the advice, just good to hear other people's experiences [​IMG]
  6. Absolutely, that's why we're all here! :D Incidentally, I'm sure I've read it can take up to 10 tastes before a baby is convinced by a new food. So there might be a lot more spoon throwing in your future, I'm afraid ;) Weaning is good fun though, once you get started!
  7. My hv kept telling me that my lo needed to be on 3 meals a day by 6 months too. I chose not to discuss weaning with her. We started BLW at 5 months 3 weeks and by 6 months she was eating a very small amount of food but having a fantastictime playing with food. Anything I was eating she was offered some too (within reason) I have always just gone with my instincts and taken the hv advice with a pinch of salt.
  8. We are in the same position as you Katy Lou. My DS will be six months on the 9th Feb and for the past couple of weeks we have been giving him tastes of food too. Like your daughter, he ends up with quite a bit on his chin! And he is also taking all of his milk as normal. Although because I breast feed I don't know if he is cutting down on the amount at all.
    There is no way I think he is ready to go to three meals a day and was not planning on getting to that stage for another month (ish). I thought it's best to see how it goes and be led more by him. I am quite shocked your HV made that comment.
    I think you are totally right to not rush. I am seeing the HV tomorrow and will let you know what she says.
  9. I highly recommend the Baby-Led Weaning book by Gill Rapley. It's very reassurring. Basically, babies don't need food for nutrition until they're one - until then, nutrition comes from milk and food is for tasting and having fun exploring with. They might eat it, might not, but that doesn't matter at this stage. My LO loved trying food, but didn't start eating big amounts until he was about 11 months and even then I would say he was 14 months before he would eat more than a couple of mouthfuls at a time. So definitely don't worry! Incidentially my HV was brilliant - she said don't spoon feed, don't worry at all about amounts, just offer him food and let him do what he wants without worrying about how much ends up in his belly. That's what I did and he loves all kinds of food now.
  10. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    We're told that they should be on 3 meals a day by 8 or 9 months. I started weaning at 5 months, I did the traditional way as I think BLW's a bit of a fad (and I've heard some bad things about it) and I just wanted baby to eat the same as me. She started off on just tastes and at 6 months had finger food and wouldn't eat unless she could have a go at feeding herself with the spoon - she's much the same now. I have a pot of spoons on the table every mealtime for her!
    She will eat anything except eggs! Loves trying new stuff!
  11. Just in case the previous post has made you worried about BLW (it would have upset me 12 months ago as I wasn't very confident).

    BLW has worked for us- it is not the only way to wean but it is an alternative.. I would certainly never slate puree weaning as it has obviously worked for many. But so had BLW. I have only really heard one person slag off BLW but I think she was berating it in order to defend puree weaning.

    We started at BLW at 6 months, it didn't take us long before we were offering 3 meals a day -maybe a month?? however she wouldn't always take 3 meals a day...varied amounts were eaten at each meal.... but we knew something had gone down as her nappies changed.. I trusted her to know how much to eat but appreciate this approach is not for everyone.

    She ate pretty much anything and ate the same as us (it transformed our diets as well!). The BLW cookbook is great as it makes you realise they can just eat normal food and helped me learn I didn't just have to . I also like the River Cottage baby and toddler cookbook- it gives advice on purees, BLW and a combined approach.
    She is now 18 months, eats with cutlery (most the time) and eats pretty much everything - certainly not a faddy eater.... (Yet.) so it does work for us.

    I am sure many pureed weaning babies are the same- it is just a different method to the same goal. So if it is the method you feel most comfortable with, don't let others put you off- it does work and I really enjoyed it.
  12. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Sorry, don't mean to worry anyone! Just heard quite a few people having problems later on in terms of the child having problems with cutlery and I just couldn't get my head round people making special food for baby just so's they could eat it with their hands - I just want baby to have the same food as us (well, as me mainly as my OH has food issues and am hoping this won't rub off on baby!) - so she gets the same food as me, pureed for the first few weeks, but not pureed by the time she was 6 months. And I think baby mirrors what we do - and we eat most things with cutlery!
    I guess I do a mix. When having something like risotto or lasagne, say, she's spoonfed - by both me and herself. But when having something like chicken and veg, she just feeds herself.
    Ultimately, however they're weaned, they'll all end up being fussy eaters at some point anyhow! It's just par for the course!
  13. Para - we've done things exactly the same way as you just skipping the puréed bit. She's always been offered cutlery, probably only really started to get to grips with it from 9 months onward at a guess. I'm not sure about the special food bit? She's just had what we've had!
  14. And yep, we're definitely in a "expressing preference" (/fussy ***) stage at some meals now!
  15. Just a digression but with the cutlery thing I think it's important they see you eating with cutlery, whatever method / mixture of methods you use. We did purees then BLW but I was always getting on with washing up or whatever whe she ate and we didn't really sit down together, so the introduction of a spoon is just hilarious to her now and is used to flick food everywhere. Whatever, she'll get there but maybe I could have made more effort to eat together..
  16. If it's any consolation we eat together 9 times out of 10 (because I am allergic to doing the washing up, especially if the alternative is stuffing my face) and we still have spoon flinging on occasion. I think they all get there in their own time - I'm yet to meet an adult who can't use a spoon!
  17. It seems insane to me what your HV said but I have heard that before. We started weaning at 20 weeks. (he was prem so classed as 16 - shock horror) I breast fed him and for a long time he ended up being fed 10 miunutes every 45 for a long time and this one particular morning I had fed him 6 times in 2 hours and then got home and he fed solidly for 45 minutes - screaming for more. In desperation, I went into the kitchen (was not prepared with anything) grabbed a banana - mashed it and gave it to him. He ate the whole lot in one go. I felt awful that I hadn't noticed this before. (constantly judging myself!) -
    So by 6 months he was on 3 meals a day. He has always eaten loads - I don't understand how he is so little. He must have a very fast metabolism.
    Good luck - I would go with your instincts
  18. Ah ok, just another (!) stage then... Like the Michael McIntyre sketch there arent many 18 year olds who crawl
    Into a bar with their bottle...!
  19. Ridiculous how the guidelines state you should start weaning at six months, yet your hv told you to have LO on 3 meals by six months... Eh??! I totally agree with the poster who said main nutrition is milk up to a year- I presume this is the case even with babies who are puree weaned to fill their tummies because milk isn't sustaining them.
  20. I weaned my daughter straight onto 3 meals a day at 6 months from nothing. I must admit I dont understand the pureed veg only stage and I guess I must have pretty much skipped it. All this 10 tastes thing - I could be given pureed cabbage 100 times and I still wouldnt like it. My experience was that my daughter was far keener to eat food when I pureed a whole meal or gave her finger foods.

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