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Confused about KS2 assessment and tracking

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by lizzyre, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Just returning to primary class teaching after a reasonable gap, trying to make sense of current rules for tracking and assessment. Is this right?
    • DfE Descriptors for end of KS2 English and Science used by Y6 teachers for teacher assessment, otherwise SATS used.
    • Y3,4,and 5 use NC Programme of Study for end of year expectations for Maths, two yearly in English, and schools formulate end of year (or term) statements for other subjects by themselves or using commercial tracking systems,
    • Class teachers assess, record and track against these home made statements until the end of Key Stage.
    Thanks for reading, I am just wondering if I am missing some Gov assessment grid or list of attainment targets somewhere!
  2. sckinsley

    sckinsley New commenter


    I have attached the last guidance from the DfE we have obtained, hope this helps.


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