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Confused about Induction time limit

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by huttonrpj, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. Hello I am a NQT Primary B.Ed (Hons) and qualified in 2008. According to a 2008 publication "The Induction Period a guide for students and newly qualified teachers" it states that an NQT has a 5 year timeline in which to complete their Induction Period.

    Since qualifying in 2008 I have had no such luck in finding a suitable position and have had plenty of supply work short term and long term. Out of all those schools none have been able to let me complete or work towards my Induction Period.
    I do have a part time position coming up but the school cannot support the NQT at this time.
    My questions are:
    Does the 5 year rule still apply or has it changed to 3?
    What are my options?
    I have been in contact with my LEA but they were clueless and were unable to answer my questions.
  2. How long is your part time position for? If you are working a term or more they have to support induction for that term.
  3. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    There is no limit, other than on the amount of time you can do supply work.
    If it is not an independant school and you will be there for at least a term, the school should be putting you on the induction scheme.
  4. Well it is a state school and I am there for a term but the school are unable to support me as an NQT.
    They have me as a supply teacher who may possibly be permanent buthave to go through the process of applying for January although I had worked there 6 months previous but there has been a change of head teacher.

    Crazy transitions within the school
  5. They still have to support your induction.
  6. Are you aware of the supply time limit?
  7. No what is the supply limit?
  8. There is a four term supply limit. The clock starts ticking from the moment you start short term supply work. Once those 4 terms are up you need to start an induction post or you can't continue with supply work.
  9. Does that include day to day supply or if you do supply for like a week or so? What is meant by short term supply? It is very vague. Plus when (year) did this rule/ legislation come in?
  10. Yes, it includes short term/day to day supply. It has been in place since 1999.
  11. historygrump

    historygrump Senior commenter Forum guide

    The possible good news is that the Dept of Education have told me that they are going to review the induction period over the enxt few months and possibly bring it into line with Scotland and Wales, in that a person on supply may have the right to work on supply up to 5 years before being required to have complete their induction, instead of the present 16-months, if the review adopts the system in use Scotland and Wales, this after much pressure from teachers.
  12. Hi
    Just to clarify some things. If you have a one term contract in a state maintained school or academy, then by law you must be placed on induction, allocated a mentor and given PPA and NQT ti,me (which together amount to a 19% reduction in contact time). The school cannot decide if it is able to support induction or not, they must, by law place you on induction and the LA will insist on this if the post is a teaching post and you are still a NQT who has not completed induction.
    For day to day supply there is a limit of 16 months that you are legally allowed to work - starting on the first day of supply work and counting on from there. it does not matter iof you complete just one day or a more, after 16 months you should apply to the LA for an extensiuon to your daily supply limit. Working on supply after the 16 months has expired could land the school in trouble with OFSTED or, should any problem arise e.g. a legal claim against the school by you or a paren, oit may invalidate the school's insurance as they would ahve been employing you illegally.
    If you have a contract of employment you must tell them that you have to be placed on induction. If they refuse then you must inform the LA and they will ensure that the school meets its obligations. If they were unable to support a teacher through induction then they should not have employed a NQT.

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