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Conflicting advice - who should I listen to?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by vicxiii, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I'm having huge problems and was just after some input.
    My school based mentor didn't really want to mentor me so got taken off October half term, I got a new one in November but only managed to meet up once before christmas. During this time my university mentor has been in and deemed my lessons unsatisfactory due to classroom management problems. He has sent off to get me on the disciplinary system such that I may get kicked off the course. On the letter from the GTP office, there were two problem points which needed acting upon. One which was obviously classroom management, due to noisy class; but the other was lack of interesting activities. Now this was out of the blue as in both de-briefs he had said that what I had planned was interesting and the pupils were engaged - to the point where he got me to show the other science GTPs my lesson!
    I've finally had meetings with my new mentor but he wouldn't discuss the required action plan for getting out of disciplinary and is under the impression that I need to teach like him to succeed. After my first unsatisfactory lesson, I approached the assistant head responsible for behaviour for learning who observed me and gave pointers which I have endeavoured to incorporate. My mentor is now telling me to ignore all that she has advised because, 'I'm your mentor'.
    I have the head honcho of the Unis GTP programme coming to observe but haven't got a clue if I should be following what the schools BFL person is saying, what the uni guy is saying or what my mentor is saying.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    (sorry about the length)
  2. This all sounds like communications have broken down. I find it quite surprising that if there is such a big problem with behaviour management/engagement, that a detailed action plan hasn't been drawn up immediately. Such an action plan would necessarily involve the head behaviour person in the school. If it was clearly on a plan, then the mentor couldn't object
    Secondly, when behaviour is an issue it is never the only thing that needs improving. Poor behaviour is always a by-product of poor differentiation, engagement, relationships etc. etc. I would have thought an action plan would have been devised to remedy some of these issues.
    If there isn't one in place, I would organise a meeting with your mentor that ensures you have one that you agree to and that the GTP university tutor agrees to as well.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I had tried to get mentor help with action plan but no such luck. I came up with a plan myself, sort of all inclusive checklist which ensures everything is done by the book but he didn't even look at it.
    I have spoken with head honcho at uni and she has been far more helpful and will be checking in on what is happening regarding mentor, so a little more hopeful!
    Thanks again

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