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Confessions of an Early Years Practitioner

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Hedda Gabler, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. ... a lightherated thread to get us through the winter months...
    Please contribute your own confessions
    I confess
    <ol>[*]that I want to be acknowledged as a teacher and hate the term practitioner as it makes me feel devalued [*] that I enjoy direct teaching [*] that 80% of my assessments are not made through observing children in their own ci play [*]that I detest superhero play[*]that I am a coward and lie about all of the above to any EYAT </ol>
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  2. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    nice that EY have their own version of this thread! :)
    EY advisers don't match their advice to the setting
    i hate the word 'setting' as well as 'practioner'
    i hate being outside
    i hate doing long obs on CI as i just find it dull when i want to get in there with the kids
    i think the ELGs should be changed because there's nothing about being able to follow instructions, being toilet trained, and understanding the word no - (there is but it's damn wishywashy)
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  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm not sure I qualify now I have moved to Y2 but ...
    I confess
    I'm loving actually teaching children instead of facilitating their learning (and we are still having fun and learning from doing and play)
    I confess I'm only half annoyed when people say what's it like being a <u>real</u> teacher now
  4. I confess to losing my rag with some people when they say i must have an easy job just playing with children all day.
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  5. I hate the amount of paperwork/red tape we have to wade through to prove we know what we are doing???
    I hate the way some children wreck our equipment after 5 minutes, especially books.
    I also hate the phrase "practitioner". I am not practicing, this is my job!!!!!!

    Sorry not very light hearted. Bit of a mini rant.
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  6. missjivebunny

    missjivebunny New commenter

    I don't let them play guns. [​IMG]
    If they make too much mess somewhere, sometimes I close the area. [​IMG]
    I've got a 'thinking chair' but really it's a naughty chair and it does quite good business. [​IMG]
    I tell the parents that I have looked very VERY hard for their child's jumper with no name in. I haven't. [​IMG]

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  7. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I feel secretly amused when children throw tonsil-tantrums with full waa-waa backup.
    I 've always somehow known that children learn through play without needing to be told the ****** obvious.
    I believe in board games.
    I think colouring-in has a place in Early Years.

  8. I confess:

    I think there's a place for the word 'naughty'.

    Parents who don't want their child to get messy drive me mad.

    I can't stand it when my head teacher calls children in Foundation 'little people'.
  9. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    I confess to a fondness for the Last Word.
  10. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I confess I hated it when the head and deputy head lump the foundation stage together under the heading ...NURSERY!!
  11. And I hate it when the Headteacher and deputy head say Key Stage One when they mean Foundation plus Key Stage One grrrr (nearly got me out of doing a parents evening though- the letter to parents said "parents' evenings for KS 1 and KS2..." Unfortunately the mistake was recognised just in time!)
  12. I confess...
    Sometimes when I'm in a staff meeting I snooze off until I suddenly, occasionally hear someone say "Foundation Stage".
    I sometimes forget to state my learning Objective and Success Criteria in a child friendly way and quickly write it up while the kids are playing/learning onto a laminated sheet just incase my head comes in! (Yeah, like the kids notice!!!)
    I thought it would be easier than it is!
  13. I confess
    • that I want to join in when the children are having fun and not just watch them.
    • that I don't enjoy stalking the children with a camera.
    • that I do what is best for my class even when it is the opposite to the advisers ideas.
    • I don't like being outside in the rain and cold to just stand and watch, but I did enjoy the snow.
    • I find it odd that some parents just can't remember to complete forms on time (everytime)
    • I trained to be a teacher and want to be called one.
    • that I hate changing my timetable to fit in with other classes because we only 'play'
    A great thread. thanks Hedda
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  14. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    I confess that...
    • I hate it when parents think that moving up in the school must mean teachers have been promoted!
    • I hate it when Year 6 teachers complain about all the marking they have to do when they have no idea about Year R!
    • I dont want to go outside in the cold and rain or keep the door open.
    • I want to chuck my camera in a pond on a friday.
  15. I confess:
    That I believe there are conspiracies and evil people.
    That I believe that the unions and local authorities and government are in cahoots and don't represent honestly ordinary teachers.
    That I detest official spin about everything in the early years garden being rosy as they steadfastly ignore and manipulate the discontent.
    That I am so disaffected by bureaucracy and the farce and the disconnect between the day to day realities of running schools and pre-schools relative to the initiatives and demands placed upon ordinary folk. I believe it is a ridiculous disgrace that so many well-paid advisors and bureaucrats exist on the backs of ordinary people trying to run schools for ordinary children.
    That I look forward to the grand rebellion before all our teachers consist of nothing but 'yes' people complying to their masters' bidding whether they agree with it or not.
    Without a rebellion we are a lost nation.
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  16. I confess that....
    - I am not surgically attached to my camera
    - I do not make a note of every piece of learning I see for the learning diary of each child (sometimes I even manage to retain some information in my teacher brain)
    - my TA sits down and works through my reading packets individually with the children at least 3 times per week
    - I get really irritated that some teachers further up the school make things easier for themselves in timetabling and one-off things like school nurse visits without any regard for my children being 4!! gggrrrrrrr
    - I have asked my children to participate in carpet sessions that are longer than 5 mins ... once I even directly taught them for 30 mins
    - my children are not allowed to help themselves to anything in the classroom - they are required to ask on many occasions!
    - sometimes I laugh when they do something 'naughty' that is actually really funny
  17. Love your last sentence Giraffe, I do the same[​IMG]
    Love this thread. I confess that ..
    * I hate my classroom and am unable to change it. Too noisy and space is not used effectively
    * I hate having assesmbly 3 times a week
    * I hate having a different member of staff each afternoon and then having to deal with the anxious behaviour of some of the children
    * I hate having to record endless mindless stuff.
    * I would like you to trust my professional judgement. If I've said a child has achieved something then don't ask me for 'evidence'
    * I hate the amount of time we spend on ERR each day.
    * I like the children to play for the sake of it and it doesn't have to be linked to any objective
    * I let my children take their shoes off if they want
    • I hate guided reading and don't think it works.
    • Standing outside for long periods in an exposed, freezing cold playground is ridiculous.
    • I don't like electronic data.
    • Staff meetings that don't mention the FS are a waste of my time.
    • Learning Journeys take forever and don't tell me anything I don't already know.
    • I think long observations are stupid.
    • The IWB bores me rigid.
    • Sometimes I throw training notes in the bin.
    Thank you for this thread Hedda : )
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I confess I thought I was alone in my non conformity
    I confess it's comforting to know I was in good company
  19. pinknoodles

    pinknoodles Administrator

    That is so true!

    I confess that some afternoons when we're all feeling tired we let the children get out anything they want to, even if it's not linked to a pre-determined objective!

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