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conditional offer

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by CrunchyMcFlurry, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. What does conditional offer mean? I've got one but I've already got my degree so I'm really confused! What can the condition be? Am I on a waiting list in case somebody drops outs? Please help someone I'm confused!
  2. It normally means you have to have something before you start the course, not necessarily that you are on a waiting list!
    I have been talking to someone on here and they are on a waiting list - and they have a unsuccessful decision on track! I am also apparently on a waiting list to the uni I applied for - but I still have a stop on mine! So yours must mean you def have an offer! It should tell you on your track the conditions of your offer!
    Have you got all the required GCSES? Did you have to take any tests during your interview? - It might be that you need to brush up on maths/english/science skills. They may also require you to do more experience in a school or a particular key stage.
    I am PRETTY sure thats a definate offer though, and not a waiting list! Well done!
  3. Conditional
    Offer text
    This offer is subject to you obtaining

    Verification of the award of a first degree. For further

    details and conditions, please consult the letter from the


    Reply by

    that's what it says! I didn't take my degree certificate because they didn't ask for it. Does that mean they just want to see my degree??
  4. Yep! They want to see your degree certificate! If you didnt take it in, they don't know you have it! This can easily be rectified!
    Where have you got a place by the way? It says 'first' degree?? Does that mean you need a first?! I have no idea... I'm still doing my degree haha!
  5. Could be to do with producing certificates, CRB clearance, medical clearance- just generic stuff they need to check up on
  6. York ! I didn't take it in, I really hope that's what it means because I didn't get a first class degree :/
  7. Hmmm yeah that's really strange! I don't know if that means a first, or the first degree you did (undergraduate!!). Sorry I can't help!
    Make sure you ring them first thing in the morning! Good luck, let me know how you get on!
  8. Don't panic, it is a clear offer - they just want proof of your degree (a sight of your certificate) and it means 'first' as opposed to higher (postgraduate) degree, not 'first class'. I'm an admissions tutor - situation normal. Congratulations on your place.
  9. Wow I will be so happy if that's true! [​IMG] Going to ring them tomorrow just to double check (feels too good to be true) and then if it is I'm having big celebrations!!!!
  10. P.s. thanks guys!
  11. No problem :) - Congratulations!

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