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Conditional Formatting

Discussion in 'Personal' started by adamse1, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Evening all,

    Can anyone help me with some conditional formatting please? I am a bit confused!!! I am trying to persuade some cells to change colour depending on if their value is greater than, lower than, or equal to another cells value. I am using Excel 2007.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. dominant_tonic

    dominant_tonic Established commenter

    Hi. Maybe a little, but am using 2010 so I don't know if it is helpful- thought I would post as no-one else had and the menus may be the same.
    For 2010
    <ol>[*]Highlight the relevant cells[*]'home' menu[*]then condiitonal formatting int he style menu[*]'Highlight Cells Rules' then self explanatory. Choose greater than or less than and then enter the value and select colour text etc </ol>
    Don't know if this helps, but may give you a starter for ten if no-one else replies.

  3. madwoman

    madwoman New commenter

    click on video tutorials at the top
    then choose excel on the left hand side

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