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Conditional & Unconditional place confusion

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by anon429, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hello I'm confused I have been offered a conditional place on a PGCE course, I have to satisfy the CRB check and fitness test (Does anyone know what this entails?). I am confused by a few people on here who are saying they are waiting for their conditional offer to turn into an unconditional offer! What does that mean? Do I need to wait until it says Unconditional on GTTR? At the mo mine says Conditional-firm. Any explanation much appreciated.
  2. My guess is the fitness test will just be a questionnaire.
    I think some people have recieved conditional offers, subject to government funding. Some unis gave out places before they actually knew if they would have the funding for all of them. So those people are waiting like for their places to be confirmed, so will be unconditional technically, but I'd imagine they will still have to pass CRB and fitness tests first.
    I have a conditional offer as my uni waited til they knew about funding, so i know there is a place for me but i need to do crb, fitness, and also get 2:2 in my degree.
    Hope that helps
  3. Foe the crb you get sent a form from the University and you just fill it in and have to pay some money for it to be processed. The fitness test is usually just a short form to fill in.
    So basically once you have completed this criteria your conditional offer will turn to an unconditional offer. Different universities will state different conditions for offers to become unconditional.
  4. Meant to say 'For' not 'Foe'. ARGH!
  5. I think it must depend on the provider, mine says "UNCONDITIONAL" on GTTR and in the letter, but it is conditional on the CRB and "Fitness to Teach" Health Check, this is what is says on GTTR;

    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Full/Part Time</td><td class="formstext">F</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Entry month</td><td class="formstext">9</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Entry year</td><td class="formstext">2011</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Second Subject</td><td class="formstext">-</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Decision</td><td class="formstext">Unconditional</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Offer text</td><td class="formstext">
    This offer is subject to you obtaining
    satisfactory results from the Criminal Records Bureau check; Health check and Suitability to teach form prior to starting the course.
    </td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Reply</td><td class="formstext">Firm</td><td class="bodyText"> </td></tr><tr><td>Reply by</td></tr></table>

  6. Conditional means you have been given a place, on the condition that you get the degree classification needed, or that you fulfill other criteria (like passing the CRB with no issues, not having an health concerns which will impact significantly on your course etc).
    Unconditional means that you definitely have been given a place as you already have fulfilled all set criteria.
    JSY x
  7. It's not that confusing!
  8. I just mean the fact that even unconditional offers are actually conditional on the checks, so why call them unconditional which would suggest you have a definate place!
  9. I too found it confusing! Travelling at the moment so had to rely on emails from home to tell me what my letter said, but apparently it said they'd offered me a place but that I had to do a crb check first and a 10 day placement before the course starts. But then I saw on my gttr that it was a conditional offer .. I assume this means once I've done the placement and crb check it'll be a firm offer. Don't really understand either why they ask you to do another placement as just to get an interview you needed 10 days experience minimum in school!
  10. Hello thank you for the replies much appreciated abit clearer now, congratulations everybody x

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