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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by carbod, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. carbod

    carbod New commenter

    After some advice please for a child in Year 4.
    When the child joined me at the beginning of the year I noticed problems with letters p , b ,d and numbers such as 5 3 9 the wrong way round. i pointed this out to the parents at the first parents evening saying I would monitor. Have given him handwriting practice the "bed" sign stuck to his deskWhat I have noticed is that the child's work is beginning to get worse and worse. There is no kind of order to the child's work - maths work is just unreadable at times. the child's writing has become really quite small and the presentation is shocking. The child doesn't really have a very good attitude towards his work abd thought to begin with it was a an attitude / effort thing but am concerned now it is something else! The child is average in reading becuase i was thinking dyslexia but he is fine with reading! He loves Art and really produces some good pieces - his fine motor skills seem ok. Any advice ?!?!?
  2. Ruthie66

    Ruthie66 New commenter

    I'm sure more experienced people will comment here but I think that pupils with dyslexia can have an age appropriate reading skills but struggle with spelling, handwriting and organisation which your pupil does. Have you spoken to your school SENCo - I would do that as a first step
  3. carbod

    carbod New commenter

    Hi thanks for replies - really useful - have started using laptop for the child which seems to be working! I am seeing pare nts this week for parents evening and not really sure how to broach the subject - any ideas

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