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Concerned NQT in FE

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by jesrhi1987, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I qualified as a teacher in June this year and started teaching in a local FE college in September. I had my first internal lesson observation today and got 'satisfactory'. I feel so disappointed that I got a grade 3, particularly as I achieved 2's and 1's throughout my training last year. I understand that the criteria are probably more strict now that i'm qualified but I just feel like I'm putting so much effort in and have fallen at the first hurdle.
    The team that I work with are supportive but I feel embarassed and as though I should have done better.
    Is it normal to feel so insecure? And as a newly qualified teacher can I request support such as a mentor?
  2. Hi Gailgale,
    Thanks for your support. Feeling more positive today as one of the course team leaders spoke to me today about how the observation went. They were much more constructive in their feedback and gave me lots of useful suggestions.
    As you also suggested I asked about peer observations and will be setting one up soon. I've also asked to have another observation in December.
    Thanks again.

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