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Concerned about GTP salary grant

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by SEH456, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. I am lucky enough to have received an offer of a GTP Primary place at Derby to start September 2011, however it is conditional on whether there will be the usual salary grants. I am getting worried as this seems to have been up in the air for so long and there is no information on what is going to happen. If the salary grants go, presumably no schools will offer GTP places as they will have to stump up for the student's salary and they aren't going to do that when the student is a supernumary. I just want to know what is going to happen so I can start making decisions and actually feeling happy about getting a place, because at the moment I feel like I don't want to count my chickens.
    Has anybody heard anything more on salary grants or is in the same position as me?
  2. i am also in a similar position, although i spoke to my school regarding this and they said its more to do with how much the TDA will pay the school for my salary while im on the programme. The funding for the course is there so my place is secured, my university are just waiting to hear how much the school will receive to pay me.

    Hope that helps?

  3. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Apparently there will be an announcement by end of March about the exact amount of salary grant available but there will also be further movement of places to accommodate the Gove's new priorities such as the E Bac subjects.Nationally ITT PGCE places have been cut and the GTP likely to fall in with this agenda
  4. I would be surprised if they cut the salary grant significantly. In addition GTP providers have been given more places recently as the Government is looking to increase the number of trainees going down the vocational route.
  5. Hopefully the salary grant won't be cut, it's just worrying not knowing for certain whether it will go ahead. As I say, I want to be excited and to start planning ahead but until I know for definite I'm being cautious.
  6. Hi, I'm in the same boat! I was really excited initally but now I'm not sure any of it will happen!Trying to cover my chances as I have been accepted onto a GTP (subject to interview with a school in the partnership) and have also got another GTP interview on Wednesday with another provider who also caveat the funding arrangements! Half of me feels bad that I'm going for another interview and denying someone their chance but then with things the way they are I don't want to miss out! I'm also concerened about messing providers around (accepting aplace but then going elsewhere potentially if they can guranteee funds etc!!)
    I've also heard that it is all down to the schools budgets etc which will be finalised by end of March so we are looking at middle of April.
    Fingers crossed everyone!!!
  7. natbar

    natbar New commenter

    Which uni are you with? I'm with canterbury and just in the process of applying to partnership schools, I haven't heard of other unis doing it this way round. Good luck!
  8. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Unfortunately logic is somewhat lacking in this Govt.By cutting salary costs they keep the overall budget to the same level or less than in previous years.
  9. Hi
    I've been accepted by Somerset Consortium and they are linked through Worcester Uni. I/V tomorrow with Dorset who need you to find school willing to have you first. Somerset can't say whether the school who I'm using to go through the Dorset app will be acceptable to them! So going for it anyway as the school who I've met are just down the road, lovely people, kids, etc and they are an outstanding school. So IF I get through I will have to withdraw from Somerset - which makes me uneasy as I hate messing people around!!! (But hey, the chances of being offered 2 GTP places are minimal!!!!)
  10. I really hope they dont get rid of the grants at this late stage. I will be so annoyed if they do as its very unfair for all those who have got a place. If there wasnt going to be any grants then they would have said in September surely?
  11. flimsynight

    flimsynight New commenter

    I'm in the same position. My school will only be able to take me on with the grant, as they are going through budget cuts, etc, so I'm totally in limbo. I thought getting on the course would be the bit to worry about, not the government funding! I understand that the government need to save money, but to change (or at least delay announcing) funding for people already going through the system seems really unfair.
  12. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Go for the interview- the word is that the salary grant may not cover the cost of employment on the unqualified scale. School finances are very precarious and veryfew will be able to commit additional funds to training and support at this stage
  13. I'm getting really worried now and starting to think that this isn't going to happen. If there isn't the funding in place, my school will not be able to make up the shortfall.
  14. I have also been accepted at Wolves for GTP - just wish they would announce funding soon, my head has made it clear that if they cut it too much he wont be able to support me.

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