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Concern over contract and pay, please help!

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by ricepudding87, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. I have been working at a Primary school for the past year, initially part time before being made full time in the summer term. Therefore, I am still an NQT and have roughly a half term of assessment still to go on the probation period. The reason for bringing this up is that I have a new job beginning at a local middle school in September. The contract they have sent me, from the council, states that I am being payed at point 2 on the main pay scale and that doesn't seem right to me. Furthermore, the contract I had with my previous school was terminated at the end of July and my new contract does not begin until the 1st of September. Despite this being the case the council has payed me a full months wages for August. Would you advise contacting the council and paying the money back as I don't think I am entitled to it, regardless of how much I need that money at the moment. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Yes to paying the money back, or they will ask for it later after you have spent it! Definitely check your contract though, it is more normal to finish on August 31st than July 31st.

    Moving to point 2 is correct as you have worked way more than enough days to progress. Passing NQT induction is irrelevant to this.
  3. 2004ajd

    2004ajd New commenter

    I'm sure that some LEA's pay through the holiday providing that you worked during the last week of term on a contract sept-july. My friend was also paid even though her contract ended the last day of term.
    I'd phone and check if you feel you need to but don't say that you don't think that you're entitled to it, base it on a simply query.
    As for your NQT year check all your paperwork; "roughly a half term assessment" are you sure you haven't been signed off as completed? (Just a thought, rare but it can happen)

  4. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    It would seem to be very bad form indeed for a school to end one contract on 31st July and start a new one on 1st September, thus meaning the member of staff will be unpaid. It's entirely possible, of course, but I'd imagine that most schools would be generous enough to pay you during the holidays.
    Personally, I'd make sure that I keep the money to one side, and enquired with the payroll person at school once you get back. Don't offer the money back, but say that you weren't expecting to be paid in August, but wondered if this was usual since you were being kept on. I'd wager that you were paid intentionally; this is what happened for me when I was kept on after an initial maternity leave contract.
    As for moving onto M2, this is correct. You do not have to pass induction to move up the payscale. Thus, someone working 0.2 FTE could take up to 5 yars to complete induction, but would have progressed to M5 on the payscale during this time anyway. You need to have worked for 26 weeks, including holiday weeks to qualify for the pay increase.

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