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Computing Forum

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by JohnRSS, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. HiThank you for your suggestion of a new forum, however we have been looking at the number of forums we already have and will be removing some of the lesser used ones sometime in the future as the general feedback has been that there are already too many.We suggest, therefore, that you start a thread on this in the existing forum. Kind regards

    I asked. They answered. It does not compute...
    Ergo - we can't have one. Perhaps Computing posts could simply be prefaced with the word COMPUTING in the subject line - that would attract or divert attention as the case may be...
  2. The most obvious solution is to simply rename it Computing. ICT has started to fade away anyway. It's just a matter of the length of time it takes to go completely.
  3. In fairness, and while I pushed for a Computing section for a while, look at the list of subjects down the left hand side.

    MFL - Not French, German, Manadarin, etc...

    History - Not History & Politics

    Etc, etc, etc...

    I think there is a STRONG case to add Computing sections to the Resource bank but the forum as a whole - probably not viable.

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