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Computing and the English Baccalaureate

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ashton86, May 15, 2011.

  1. I have heard rumours that Computing may be included in the Bac and will count as an additional science? Our ICT hours have been cut at school in line with the English Baccalaureate. What are your thoughts on this?

    I can not believe ICT/Computing is not included in the bac!
  2. They're not counting Applied or vocational sciences, so unsure where your rumours are from. Personally I think it's a bit of a stretch and probably wishful thinking to believe Computing will move in ...
  3. I believe CAS are talking with the Govt or QCA or ???? about the OCR GCSE in Computing becoming part of the EBac and that their representations have been received favourably.
    Just can't find where I read it.....
  4. I think a few of us would take the plunge away from OCR Nationals if the GCSE was included. We'd need firm confirmation though....
  5. Reasons for it's inclusion are outlined in this document by CAS to the curriculum review
  6. A nice piece (and I support their thinking), but no more than an argument to put forward that the government could easily choose to ignore. I imagine the same sorts of cases are being made by groups involved with Business Studies etc...
  7. SageDerby

    SageDerby New commenter

    Not sure how adding Computing to the list of sciences is going to help in terms of league tables. I suspect that most students that are capable of getting GCSE Computing will do and get two sciences anyway.
  8. ICT Don

    ICT Don New commenter

    It doesn't. But at least it would provide more weight to retention of staff that teach such a subject.
  9. A big sticking point is "new age" ICT teachers are not Computing teachers in the most part, especially those ICT teachers that have moved from another subject to teach it. Can you imagine the "handy Design and Office Skills teacher" teaching Floating Point?
  10. Training_2_Teach

    Training_2_Teach New commenter

    I am, however, concerned about colleagues who can't teach ICT properly let alone computing. Judging from the people I've met over the years, that would be most ICT teachers.
  11. That's a really good document and the curriculum design is a huge step in the right direction. Well done to the authors! It's several years overdue.... lets hope Mr Gove is interested.

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