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Computing Activity for Reception and KS1 inspiration

Discussion in 'Primary' started by AlexanderSellers, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. AlexanderSellers

    AlexanderSellers New commenter

    Morning All,

    Looking for some inspiration. I have been tasked with developing a Computing activity on a carousel day for an average of 20 pupils of mixed ages from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 for no more than 30mins.

    I'm struggling to find an activity for 30mins that easily adapted to suit children of such a broad age range.

    I have 32 iPads which can be used and 16 Laptops.

    Any suggestions would be fantastic or potential resource locations would be amazing!

    Thank you,
  2. Calamity54321

    Calamity54321 New commenter

    Beebots / Dash and Dot are great at KS1. They lead nicely into the objectives further up the school too.
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  3. WildKyogre

    WildKyogre New commenter

    Do you have the option to pre-teach year 2 and then have the year 2 children act as 'teachers' to show the reception and year 1 children how to do the activities?
    Other than that, I'm as stumped as you! Hope it goes well!
  4. NeKo

    NeKo New commenter

    Out of curiosity, is there a reason for the carousel day? My gut feeling was Beebots too but if there is a theme then something else might leap out as being suitable.
  5. clockmender

    clockmender New commenter

    You could also ask a local secondary if they would like to come in and run a session. I am a primary liaison coordinator at a large secondary, with lots of fun it stuff and we are always looking for ways to get involved with potential students.
  6. ronnieg

    ronnieg New commenter

    Pic collage is always a good one to do - show them how to use camera - create a poster with photos - signs of spring / class mates and so on.

    Programming such as bee bots app/scratchjr/daisy Dino

    Art packages - Tuxpaint / Doodle buddy always good ones - draw characters from e safety stories such as Digi Duck or Smartie the penguin
  7. AlexanderSellers

    AlexanderSellers New commenter

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. It's called 'I can't do it yet day'. It's all about using a growth mindset to challenge yourself.

    I'm definitely feeling challenged lol!

  8. NeKo

    NeKo New commenter

    Oh my gosh, activity suitable for Reception to Year 2 in under 30 minutes that encourages "I can't do it yet"/ growth mindset... no wonder you are feeling challenged! Could you go back and ask for a different subject?!
  9. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    I would go with Kodables and have Beebot app on standby if extension is needed.

    "Can you program an alien / robot?"

    "Not yet!"
  10. ronnieg

    ronnieg New commenter

    Google knowsley scheme of work - some good ideas in there for reception

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