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Computer Science teacher salary in Dubai/ Qatar

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by barabcu, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. barabcu

    barabcu New commenter

    Hi all,

    I am wondering, what is the average salary for a Computer Science teacher in Dubai/ Qatar if I am currently on M4 and will be on M5 pay scale by next year? Is there a specific amount that I should be looking for especially since experienced Computer Science teachers with first class Computer Science degree who can teach A level Computer Science are very rare.

    I was also thinking of looking for head of department "Computer Science" role however I assume that will be hard with only 4/5 years experience in a competitive area but what do middle leaders normally earn on average in private international schools?

    Also anyone has any experience with flats in these areas? If you are with a partner and no children will they provide a good enough flat or does that also depend on the school? from what I have read, many schools seem to provide allowance which is generally very low and will not get you a good 1/2 bed room flat...

    Thanks in advance.
  2. taiyah

    taiyah Occasional commenter

    Can only speak for QA.

    Despite all you've describe. You have zero international experience. Without this, you may find that your subject is not that rare and getting a HoD job may prove difficult.

    Currently in 3-4 different schools, your subject is being taught by any ole IT degree holder.

    Apply. Get the interview. Get an offer. Then sus out the salary offer.

    As a warning, with 0 international experience don't be disappointed if your offer is hovering between £2200-2500 a month. In regards to housing, the more established schools have started to move their teachers back into their own, but new build accommodations. As for the housing allowance, the effects of the blockade means there's a glut of new flats and villas. These days it can get you a new 2-bedder flats.
  3. GeordieKC

    GeordieKC Occasional commenter

    Does the word "partner" mean you are unmarried? If so that will have a significant impact.
  4. ggm78

    ggm78 New commenter

    Just to say I’m a Primary School teacher (leadership) and I’ve got no international experience (although some would argue working in a large school in East London with 41 languages spoken and 92% EAL is quite international!). I’ve been shortlisted for all 3 leadership posts I’ve applied for and invited to fly out for interview for all 3 as well. I actually have only attended one (the packages were fine for the other ones but couldn’t fly out when they were interviewing) for family reasons. Point is if your application and experience is solid and you can get through a skype interview well then I’m sure you will be successful.
  5. barabcu

    barabcu New commenter

    Thanks for all the feedback above,

    I am married so that won't be an issue.

    I am also bilingual, my first language is English, however I can also write, read and speak Arabic fluently, I am not sure if that will help in the application in working in Qatar/Dubai though or will it?

    Does the salary normally increase significantly after 2 years of working in international school?

    £2200-£2500 a month is terrible considering the salary in the UK for M5 is higher, "without tax". However if they offer a nice 2 bedroom flat then that's really nice but I assume that's only in Qatar and schools in Dubai will struggle to give you a nice 2 bedroom flat with a good salary on top.

    I received an offer when I was an NQT for £2200 a month 3 years ago so it would be weird if they offered a salary this low for someone on who will be on M5 next year.

    Also I am completing National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML), will that help in the application for HOD position or is it not recognised yet by international schools?

    Thanks for all the help!
  6. moscowbore

    moscowbore Star commenter

    I do not agree with some of what has been said above.

    Computer science is not taught by any old teacher. I believe that ICT was taught (badly) by any old teacher but those days are gone. Even iGCSE computer science requires enough programming knowledge to make it out of reach of most non specialists. IB and A level is way beyond even most python hobbyists.

    No decent school would offer 2200 to even a bottom of scale teacher. No reasonable teacher should accept that.

    Schools which have thousands of applications for every job can choose to be picky in all sorts of illogical ways. Dubai schools tend to get a lot of applications from young teachers who have never been to Dubai. Any IB school I have experience of would happily consider a decent application from someone who has A level experience , no international experience to teach IB. Most good schools will send you on the IB training.

    My experience of the current state of the international market is that there is a shortage of computer science teachers. If you can additionally offer robotics or maths you become a hot commodity.

    I wish you well barabcu.
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  7. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    Something to consider:

    I would focus on Dubai if I were you. There is no requirement to have a degree in your subject in Qatar and so you will competing against people without a CS degree but with a lot more experience teaching the subject. Dubai does require a degree in your subject, and so the pool of potential applicants is far, far smaller . As someone who has a first-class degree and no child-dependent taking up free space in the school, you will be very high on the list.

    Computer Science isn't like Maths where most Maths teachers have Math degrees and so having one yourself does not put you at an advantage. Most people with first class CS degrees are not going to go in to teaching when they could be earning far more elsewhere. Also, CS is filled with teachers who previously taught ICT and have simply up-skilled and moved on. They rarely have CS degrees as this wasn't a requirement to teach OCR Nationals (I'm not sure if there were any requirements as the course was so easy). Those people (who make up a large proportion of CS teachers) are not legally allowed to be employed in Dubai and so you should focus there first.
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  8. barabcu

    barabcu New commenter

    Thanks for the feedback,

    That's good to hear about Dubai. I am more interested in it anyways. As someone who has a first class degree in CS, I was offered 5 jobs from good schools within 2 weeks when I was looking for a job in the UK, there was no competition at all in these positions so I was surprised when I would be getting such a low Salary in Qatar.

    For someone who has a first class CS degree and 4 years teaching GCSE and A level Computer Science, is it reasonable to ask for £3100 monthly with a good accommodation for myself and my wife if I applied for a school in Dubai or will that be hard to get?

  9. harpplayer

    harpplayer Occasional commenter

    I would say as someone actually here in Dubai leading a CS department that you sound absolutely perfect for leading a department here, and you have absolutely all the essentials and a few bonus things, like speaking da lingo. You will have no trouble at all getting a teaching role if you look the part (and sorry to say this but are white - racism is huge here) can pay the game and get on with peers and managers easily, but the trick will be to identify a 'good' school and to know what you will take. There is a bit of nonsense in some of the posts above. CS is a shortage subject here, it is recognised as important, it's hugely in demand and you should go for it.

    By way of salary, for someone with your background I would take anything over £38K plus a flat and medical insurance for a teacher as long as the school has an established reputation (much homework required), but you might get £45K and beyond if leading a department. I try not to bleet about the financial rewards of working here but for a meer teacher they are considerable. I have earned nearly double my salary for the last three years by doing ten-ish hours a week or so teaching private students to wealthy families. Not far off £100K a year take home for a teacher!! Tap into that and you will take home three or four times what you take home in the UK, and have a quality of life that you can only dream about.

    My advice: get your CV in order. The biggest weakness I see is candidates with poor CVs, demonstrating they cannot write clearly, cannot construct a logical summary of themselves, include waffle and hyperbole, and omit stuff I need to know, like real computing experience. Once your CV is done, get clever people like Heads to proof-read it for you. Get referees sorted. Get some professional photos done of head shots, suit and tie. Sign up to some of the larger agencies (can take weeks). Do not be afraid of approaching schools directly, indeed I would encourage it. Do your homework and start making a list of the schools you would work at and cross off the iffy ones. This will take a long time so start now. Join *** and take what you read with a pinch of salt, but they are indicators.

    What's the wife going to do?
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  10. T0nyGT

    T0nyGT Lead commenter

    As a footnote to my previous comments - don't get too confident despite your appearance as a very desirable candidate. CS is definitely a shortage subject, but there are far more poor international schools than there are good ones and so the good ones have a decent pool of candidates to pick from. Definitely take your time perfecting your CV and cover letters as it is far too easy to undersell yourself on the assumption that you'll get a job anyway and miss out on some of the better posts. It's not quite like the UK where they either employ the ul only person to apply or close the department.

    I would also consider a lot of places before I considered Dubai. I would say Singapore is far more desirable in most ways. There is also Hong Kong (and there are a few decent CS jobs advertised at the moment).
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  11. Oli_K

    Oli_K New commenter

    Some good advice from the above posters including some CS teachers, who know the market well.

    Agree with Tony, widen your field, much better places to live than the middle East, where you can earn a similar salary, but live a better life.

    We recruited for CS last year and it was really tough to find the right candidate. I honestly think it is the hardest subject to recruit for, you are in a strong position. Harder for HOD, but not impossible, maybe target smaller schools for that role.
  12. barabcu

    barabcu New commenter

    Indeed, that's very helpful thanks!

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