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Computer Science forum - PLEASE!!!

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by spikedhair, May 22, 2012.

  1. Seems like fair comment to me. Ict is pretty much derided except by a small number of Luddites. Computing is clearly the direction schools need to be heading. The soon we can separate out the wheat from the chaff the better, surely. Let's have our own forum.
  2. Computing most definitely is not ICT and should not be associated with it. Computing is about logical thinking, about designing solutions. It is seen as a quality subject, hard even, with standards that mean something. ICT on the other hand is the subject you offer if you need to bump up pass rates amongst not-very-bright children, like eg Business Studies. It is a waffle subject, full of disjointed topics, none of which are studied in any depth, many of which can be interpreted in different ways, depending on which exam board sponsored text book you are using. Nothing about ICT is quality. It is all about the volume of common sense topics, most of which can be picked up naturally. This course has made a fortune for exam boards, especially because ofqual has turned and is turning a blind eye to every dodgy practise going. So endemic and ingrained is the cheating in coursework and controlled assessments that too many teachers now think it is okay. This is a shameful qualification. Well done for one exam board flushing this turd down the bog.
  3. portandlemon

    portandlemon New commenter

    Wholly disagree. As part of my school's association with the community, I teach adults from local businesses; spreadsheet, presentation and database skills as these are a large part of their jobs but they never had the chance to learn them at school. I was initially amazed at how limited their skills were yet they said they needed them every day (jobs ranged from chefs, receptionists, HR, cleaners etc.) Therefore, I believe there is a place for us to make sure pupils can use packages, as well as problem solving etc but to make sure the balance is appropriate.
  4. I agree with you, portandlemon. I feel that we need a balanced curriculum with aspects of digital literacy (office stuff, graphics software, animation tools, video production, etc) as well as more thought provoking stuff such as programming, analysis, evaluation and testing, algorithms and some technical knowledge of how stuff works. I am happy for KS4+ to be more "specialised", but we should not chuck out everything for the masses at KS3 and non specialists at KS4. In respect to the forum name, just change it from ICT to something else, but as the Government is yet to announce what this is exactly and there are differeing views, your guess is as good as mine! I am not bothered what it is called. (I have called it Information Technology and Computing).

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