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Computer Science and Maths ability

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Mrdavidjameshowell, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. Mrdavidjameshowell

    Mrdavidjameshowell New commenter

    Maths and Computer Science are inextricably linked.
    What Maths skills have you identified as being crucial to success in Computer Science (particularly at GCSE)?
    Have you found a strategy for upping students’ Maths skills to aid their performance in CS? Do you have evidence to show an improvement in Maths as a result of studying Computer Science?
    Any contributions would be much appreciated.
  2. mkl446

    mkl446 New commenter

    If I may speak from experience, I am terrible at maths (particularly mental maths). I got a GCSE, but took it no further. I am, however, very successful at Computer Science with a first class honours degree.

    My belief is that it is actually logical thinking that is the most common link. The ability to break a problem down and solve it in steps. I genuinely do not believe maths in its purest form is that much of a telling sign for someone's ability in Computer Science; but as I say I am speaking from personal experience here! I would be very interested to see what other people think on this topic also.

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