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Computer advice anyone?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by magic surf bus, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Try downloading the free registry cleaner at www.amltools.com, then do a registry cleanup (ie backup, scan, fix everything), a disc cleanup that removes temporary files, and run the startup manager to see if any unnecessary applications are running on startup. If so, remove them, but don't remove any applications whose function you're unsure of.

    How much RAM does your computer have? Go to Control Panel > System to find out. The cheapest way to speed up a computer is to boost the amount of RAM, but if you're buying more, be aware that there are many different types and you have to get the exact one.

    There's also a tweak you can do with the paging memory, but that's best left until the RAM's sorted.
  2. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Is RAM the same as increasing the memory? I cannot remember what the RAM is on the PC and I amon my laptop now. I shall have a look and see what it is. I have a feeling it isn't huge - as my said my dad built me it a few years ago, and it was the first one he built. He has since built a few more with a bit of a higher spec. It obviously didn't cost me anything, as it was his pet project, so I feel bad about the fact it isn't running right.
    I think I checked before, and the computer is running at all it is capable of holding - if that makes any sense.
    I know it is virus/malware free as I have checked and double checked on that score, and the system is clean.
    I am very good with sorting viruses, malware and so on, but don't ask me anything about how computers actually work, or are built :p
    I have already removed a couple of heavy programmes, to see if it would help, but there are some more I can also remove.

  3. Yes RAM is memory.
    Go to ...


    and download their memory scanner..run it and it will tell you how much memory you have, what memory you can run and what type of RAM you have .
    Also it is worth giving the inside of the pc and good hoovering. this will help to maintain the pc at it's optimum temperature.
  4. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    But please don't spray the inside with Mr Sheen.
  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    I always thought that this was dangerous as it has the potential to build static. I was always told to use compressed air cans and only use a vacuum outside of the case to catch the dust expelled from the compressed air.
  6. Would that be by Compressed Air Can salesmen? :¬))

    Seriously though, a gentle hoover around the inside of the case and over the various fans doesn't do any harm. Make sure the machine is unplugged first.
  7. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Just go start...contol panel....system ... and there you will be told what ram you have in the machine.
    Beware...if your running x p system sometimes it wont run excessive ram..(due to the way they system operates) so ading it wont be off benifit..However it is easy to operate and there is always the nice daddddddd........#Also check your virus killers etc...i have 3 operate o mine and it takes ages to load but runs ok once loaded.
  8. It very possibly is due to RAM.
    What size harddrive do you have? I speeded my computer up by adding a second harddrive. This was the only real option I had, as the RAMS I have are no longer easily available and I would have had to completely change everything else including motherboard if I had wanted to add more RAM.
    Putting Win 7 on son's computer did speed his up, rather than slow it down. I still run XP on mine.
    Recently got Win 7 at work and it has slowed my computer down [​IMG]

  9. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Okay so I ran crucial, and the maximum capacity is 2 gb, and I have that amount installed. I have 2 memory slots which are both in use.
    I'm guessing there isn't much else I can do about that?
  10. Do you run the Windows Update regularly?
    If you do, the best advice I would give is to have a look in:-
    /Control Panel
    /Add Remove Programs
    Go down the list and look for "Windows Search" This is a little program which MS install for you as part of their updates to supposedly speed up your local (on the hard drive) file searches.
    Problem is, in the background, it indexes your hard disk files and as a result whilst it is doing this (more or less constantly) it slows down the machine, not too bad on a new PC with a decent speed processor and a load of memory, but on an older machine it is very noticable.
    I would also recommend running a disk clean up (i seem to remember you saying you have done this) , but also doing a Defragmentation of the hard disk (right click on the C: in My Computer, Tools, Defrag) as this puts any files which are split over the disk, back together and as such speeds things up.
    Hope this helps.
    Oh, also remove any of those pesky toolbars for Internet exporer as this slows it down, especially if you have several installed.
    Also check your anti-virus software, if you have more than 1 installed, they can conflict with eachother and slow you down big time.
  11. Sound advice.
    A machine running xp with 2GB of RAM should not be too slow and should be capable of running Win7. However I think your best idea was to reformat with a fresh install of XP.
    Don't expect the speeds from an older machine with something like a 1.7 Ghz CPU and 2 GB of RAM to be comparable to a newer machine with a dual core processor and 4 GB of RAM. :¬))

    At least with a fresh install of XP you can rule out any nasties.
    When you come to re-install programs go to ninite.com ..it makes the job a lot easier.

  12. Doglover

    Doglover Occasional commenter

    Thanks I suppose in some way it just seems slow because my laptop is faster.
    It also seems to freeze up more quickly than my laptop, which seems to be able to do lots of things at once, but when I try to do that on the PC it can't cope.
    Maybe I am not treating it gently enough, lol.
    It has been a great wee PC, and as I keep saying my father built it, so I hate to complain about it. Maybe it's time to see if he fancies building another one ;)
  13. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    My PC started to run ludicrously slowly recently. The light that shows when the hard drive is active would stay on for ages. I had been running AVG antivirus software until the latest update: AVG 2011 when I had a message saying that unless I updated, the software would no longer work.
    I downloaded the latest version but it wouldn't allow me to update it untill I'd uninstalled the previous version, so I did all the neccessary, did a scan, found nothing, but then found the PC was running slowly. Did some other scans with anti-malware software that found a bit of ****, but would still have times when it was absurdly slow, particularly when I went online.
    I googled to see whether there were any issues with AVG 2011 and it returned loads of responses from people with complaints. One suggested turning off the "Link Scanner" component which I did, and this has improved things no end. In actual fact, I just opened AVG to remind me what it was I turned off and it stopped the machine working for 5 minutes while AVG opened. It used to be good free software for home use, but all you get now is a 30 day trial and it appears to be pretty useless.
    If anyone knows of a free, genuine, antivirus software I'd love them to pass it on.

  14. avira.
    Small footprint ...good detection.
  15. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    Thanks Bauble. I had a very quick look and see it gets some good reviews, but there were some poor ones as well. It's a problem to know who to trust these days, but I trust you, so why do you think it's better than the rest apart from the small footprint and good detection? One review said it didn't look at emails before you opened them, then sprang into action.
  16. 1. it's free
    2. it doesn't clog up your system
    3.the detection rate is one of the best for a freebie
    4.it offers run in the background protection
    5. It is easy to customise the options.

    Avast is too bulky in my opinion .
    AVG ...as you've found out yourself is nothing but bloatware nowadays.
    The other good freebie is Microsoft's own Security Essentials.
    Try avira for a week and then try MSE for a week.

  17. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    Thanks. I've binned AVG, installed Avira, adjusted the virtual memory, ran Ccleaner to clear a lot of **** away and it's so much faster. I'll do a bit more maintenance this afternoon with a defrag I think.

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