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Compulsory Core Maths

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Higgie, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Higgie

    Higgie New commenter

    reading the new T levels will have ‘much greater mathematical demand’, how can students without GCSE be allowed to do them? Maybe instead of GCSE they should all do Core Maths.
    What doe any one think
  2. kayharding

    kayharding New commenter

    I don't know much about the T levels but I do know about Core Maths … yes definitely an excellent alternative to forcing student through repeating the GCSE and given the different pathways there is something there for everyone.
  3. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

    Core maths was a long, long time ago. It became Basic Skills, then Key skills, then Functional Skills
  4. simonbfc

    simonbfc New commenter

    I posted the below in the Mathematics forum but then saw this thread so thought it may be worthwhile adding it here. Hopefully if I receive some opinions and experiences it may help others too. Thanks


    I currently teach A-Level and also Core Maths in a FE College. It's my first year teaching Core and we currently use MEI. I am looking towards next year and wondered if there are any opinions out there from those of you who currently teach Core Maths. What board do you use and do you like it ? I'm not particularly keen on MEI for it (although like them at A-Level) as there seem to be lots of resources but not particularly focussed or of a brilliant quality in my opinion. I do like the integral website for the online tests which cuts down on marking but would prefer a board which has a textbook.

    I don't really know the other boards for Core Maths and would like one ideally with a textbook although not essential if it makes up for it with other resources, and in particular I would like one that has good content that links to other subjects such as Engineering and social sciences.
  5. helenjj

    helenjj New commenter

    AQA Level 3 cert has the most resources from the exam board and books available on Amazon.

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