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Compulsary GCSE OCR Philosophy and Ethics GCSE in one lesson a week over 2 years

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by jessiejump, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Hi - I plan to deliver compulsary RE in Yr 9 and 10 (next academic year) in one lesson a week delivering a full GCSE in Year 9 and 10, so it will be a 2 year course for all students, all abilities. I have done OCR Phil and Apllied Ethics short course for a few years now - should I stay with what I know or go back to AQA that I left in 2005 or stay with OCR? I have been told I can not do the short course anymore. So I was planning to do OCR course and Ethics in Yr 9 and Philosophy in Year 10 with the 4 hours worth of exams for the full course at the end of year 10 2014. I wanted to know what people thought. The short course did not go down well in last Year 10s but i think that was because they felt half a GCSE had no value and was worthless. I have been teaching Equality and Diversity to yr 9 and 10 this year but am thankfully going back to Phil and Applied Ethics next year. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. x
  2. With AQA you only need to teach four of the six topics (this will mean that the pupils will not have a choice which questions they do in the exam). If you want to give a choice teach 5. when I was teaching one hour a week I only used Christianity. There is an amazing revision guide for life issues follow the link http://www.amazon.co.uk/GCSE-Religious-Studies-AQA-Religion/dp/1444112406/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1339262723&sr=8-2 . For each topic I have Biblical quotes that they must learn and use. I use BEL (biblical quote, explain the meaning and a sentence to link to the question). The philosophy paper is quite hard, the Morality and life issues would be an interesting combination. AQA have amazing resources you can download SOW for any specification. The students will need to do both exams at the end of a two year study. I hope all of this helps.
  3. Looks great and warming even more to it now - Thanks so much for your advice.
  4. Thanks - I was thinking of all the advantages you have listed for moving from OCR to AQA. I am contacting a few of the other local secondary schools but I think my mind is made up. I was going to call it 'Ethics' to the kids and on the timetable to rebrand RE too. I like the fact AQA do not have the long `12 mark questions as so many of our kids are the lower end of the ability spectrum. Yes, the OCR paper is so complicated and last year it send our kids in a spin and I would say is very off putting. We don't do A level and I just think the Philopshy would be too challenging for ours so I will stick to the type of topics I am familar with. I moved to OCR in 2005 as I thought it would be easier! J x

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