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Compromise agreement...is there a better way?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by planetarium64, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. am desperately seeking some advice on behalf of my wife. Her school was closed last year and amalgamated with another school 30 miles away. Unfortunately, she has found the move to be a very negative experience, and it impacted very negatively on all of us ( we have two children, the youngest being 5). She has now been signed off from work until half-term with work related stress and feels the only way to move forward is to try to terminate her contract but is clearly very distressed at the nagtive impact this will have on her chances of future positions. I just feel if she could find a positive way forward, it would help her state of mind greatly.She has previously had 15 years teaching experience rated good to outstanding and was at leadership level, she took great pride in her work and was somewhat of a perfectionist...the children and their families always came first.
    Unfortunately, this last term has been very difficult, she doesn't really fit in with the new setting and the newly appointed head and deputy are under a lot of pressure which naturally disseminates down, there are established staff members who are unsupportive and she has found it hard to build relationships and prove herself. She feels that she hasn't demonstrated to the new head or leadership team her true capabilities.
    To make matters worse, her previous head was on long term sick for a year and her LEA advisor has retired and is uncontactable, so she is also concerned that her references will need to come from the new head and will be compounded with a negative absence record. She contacted her union and was advised that she could resign or take a compromise agreement but from reading the forums and replies, these seem to be when people are in informal competency procedures or have issues with their employer...neither of which are true in my wife's case. She is in this situation due to being relocated to a school where she doesn't fit and had an underlying health issue which made day to day life difficult let alone working. She valiantly worked through it all but has literally burnt herself out.
    She loves teaching and has devoted her life and many hours to being the best she can be and now is devasted at the thought that she might now be unemployable, particularly as she is the main wage earner and we won't meet our mortgage repayments and bills if she cannot find employment.
    I was wondering if there were any other options and if she ended up taking a compromise agreement (if the LEA are prepared to offer one) is there any way for future employers to know it wasn't anything to do with competency? Any advice about picking up a career after having been dealt a blow like this would be greatly appreciated. It would also help my wife if anyone has been through a similar situation recently and has managed to find employment since.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post
  2. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    The best option for your wife really is to simply look for another post. Being unhappy in a post isn't a reason for a CA, I would advise your wife against this. Half term is only 4 weeks away. She is off until then, needs to get back afterwards and all the while be looking for and applying for alternative posts.

    I cannot quite understand how a school can join with one 30 miles away, how do pupils manage?
  3. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    I agree with the above, I don't think they'll give a CA at the moment anyway. I would add that she needs to get back to work ASAP and not have any time off, as absence is now asked for on references and a lot off it will cause problems.

    Good luck
  4. Sorry I totally disagree with this but your wife's health is far more important than a ANY job. NOT having time off now could result in a far more serious situation developing, believe me I speak from experience.
  5. I should have added I agree I don't think they would give a CA for this situation though.
  6. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    Sorry misread the post, I disagree with my bit about going in whilst ill. However, I don't think they'll give a CA form what you've said. One option is to get some help and get the problem sorted then get another job if she still feels the need. It is possible but the abcense will be a problem when it comes to references.

    That said I had a very similar problem a couple of year ago, was in an impossible position at the school, trying to teach classes when there was no money for books, no valid training etc, the stress made me ill, The management where very good though, accepted the problem and even part funded the treatment so I could have the treatment when it didn't overly affect school, (private treatment session =£70, days supply £140) I got better realised the situation was impossible and got another job,

    It did cause a problem that I'd had about a month off in 2 years over it, but I was honest with the new Head who now just keeps a close eye on things, He also had a very shiny reference and telephone conversation with my old Head I've now done nearly 2 year and had about 5 days off in total, 3 of those for 1 bad sports injury. I now work in a lovely school great kids and wonderful colleagues

    Good luck

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