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Compromise Agreement and Reference Help Needed

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Miss Flump, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Apologies for the lack of paragraphing! I did try, on several occasions, but it doesn't appear to be working for me!

    Darn technology!
  2. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    How odd that you should be asked to write it yourself?! The employer usually writes it and you agree with what they say, not the other way around. Can you not ask them to do it? Or if you prefer to write it yourself I would definitely think about mentioning why you have this ref as they can be quite easy to spot plus the assumption is that you've got one because the school wanted you to leave for 'negative' reasons.
    As for what to put in it, I would include the job you did, any specific responsibilities you had, lesson grades (if good, obviously!) contributions you made to school life, if any and your personal skills: organised, punctual etc etc. try to put yourself in the position of an employer - what would you want to know?
    I'm sure you'll get lots more ideas, that's what came to my mind initially!
    Good luck!
  3. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    Also lack of paragraphs comes from being on safari or google chrome. If you want to put them in type the arrow symbol then a letter p then the other arrow symbol like brackets round the p with no spaces. I can't type it cause it doesn't show up!!
  4. Zadok1

    Zadok1 New commenter

    It's not normal to write your own reference.
    What they should be talking about is an agreed reference... one that they write and you have sight of, and hopefully agree with, before it is signed.
    I would be pretty wary of doing this... mostly because a compromise agreement is usually used when someone has had difficulties at their workplace. You haven't and so I would have an informal chat with the head or HOD and ask if, after the reference has been agreed, would they mind being available to be a referee for future posts you apply for.
    Also... I would go back to your union and ask why they're going down the track of a 'compromise agreement'.. which implies that there has been some form of dispute and therefore a compromise... and not asked for a mutual termination... which is what you have described. There is no job and you have agreed to leave... that's a mutual agreement... not a compromise.
    HR might help (but I doubt it)... but the union should know this stuff.
  5. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    I was on holiday when you first posted. I don't see this situation the way others see it. Because of your length of service, you do not have the option of being able to explain to future employers that you were made redundant. I see the offer here of an agreed reference as assurance for you that you will know precisely what will be said about the situation to future employers.
    It's not the case that you can't write your own reference. I wrote mine, because my Headteacher was a complete nobber and incapable of doing so. What then happened was that I submitted my version for agreement by the employer. We negotiated over a few phrases but eventually were left with something with which I was satisfied at the time.
    A compromise agreement is a 'mutual termination' and usually within its terms provision is made to pay a lump sum. It seems to me that your school is attempting to find a way of compensating you even though you are not entitled to redundancy pay.
    In drafting your own reference, stick to facts about the duration of your employment and explain the reason why your contract has been terminated. Include facts about what you have done and what you have achieved as a consequence. If yu have been observed to teach to [insert as appropriate] standard by SLT, advisors and OFSTED, say so. Include whether you had led teams etc and the impact of that.
    I would be very happy (as would, I suggest, some of the Heads who post regularly on the Headteachers forum) to look over your draft reference as you are drafting it, if it would help.
  6. kaitaz

    kaitaz New commenter

    I am in a similar position. Due to restructuring my job has simply vanished - despite being Head of School. My union rep has negotiated a compromise agreement so that I walk away at half term with a lump sum of cash, which is tax free, just so I have a cushion to support me while I job hunt. However he has suggested that I have a stab at writing my own reference so that I go into the meeting with my Exec. Head on Monday with some idea of what I want the reference to say. Having never written one before and not wanting to either undersell or over estimate my abilities I too am looking for advice. Thank you Gardening Leaves for you suggestions.

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