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Comprehensive to Independent School

Discussion in 'Independent' started by handbagsandgladrags, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Hi all!

    I was hoping for some advice. I've got an interview this week at a fantastic independent girls' school but have been working in a fairly tough comprehensive school for the last year.

    I was wondering if anyone knew:

    -How the interview process may differ at an independent school
    -If I should approach my interview lesson planning any differently
    -How to sell myself to the interview panel, given that I have no experience in the independent sector

    Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.
  2. First of all, well done for getting an interview!
    For the lesson, I would plan for the whole ability as often private school have no setting and you need to think of the top end with extension and the bottom end to insure that everyone can do something. Mke sure you have clear objectives, and clear outcomes. If your lesson is going to be shorter thn usual (what you usually teach) be sure to have the right amount of material to cover.
    For the interveiw, I had 2 I think... one with the Head of Subject that I was replacing and one with HT and Dep Head.
    I didn't think the interview was much different... maybe the only one question that threw me a bit was on how to deal with a student in your class that has put in a complaint against another teacher. The rest was as you would expect, how to teach all ability, how to stretch, how to be a good form tutor, what you can offer to students, etc.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!

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