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Composers' Names as Keywords

Discussion in 'Music' started by MrMusic, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. MrMusic

    MrMusic New commenter

    I'm having a sudden crisis of confidence in my own opinion - it must be the first INSET day of 2012 where we were lectured for several hours about how useless we are and how new OfSTED frame work would kick our asses but...
    I can legitimately use compsers names in the keywords, right?
    It's part of the project and we can't except students to phonetically spell Prokofiev/Stravinsky/Beethoven/Mozart -

  2. "Students should learn about music from composers past and present" - Composers names are Key Words and I include them in the key words section of every unit that I run where appropriate. In my unit on ternaty form I include four classical composers, in my unit on harmonisation I include four baroque composers - it is a learning point for students to be able to pronounce BAch's name correctly! Let alone spell it!!
    In my indian unit I include anoushka shankar (I always need to look up the spelling - so if i've got this wrong, appologies).. In the blues and rock and roll we include the names of famous composers and performers.
    Stick to your guns. And, YES, the ofsted framework is designed to kick all of our butts because the chief phillistine seems to believe that the quality of teaching is patchy at best and the reason we don't have every student applying for Oxford and Cambridge is that teachers are all left-wing hippies with funny ideas about relevance, innovation and inclusiveness and who are traitors to the great English tradition of accademic education. Twit!
  3. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    i do much the same although if I don't write the names clearly and students write from dictation it sometimes results in some rather odd and amusing outcomes:

    The Packard Bell Canon and Carnival of the Animals by Sad Song, being two which spring to mind!

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