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complicated redundancy / academy question!

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Paul400, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I am really confused and would much appreciate some help.

    I have two part time jobs, A and B, each is 2 days. A is a permanent post I have been there for 9 years. B is a one year contract.

    School A is offering me a choice between a reduction to 1 day and redundancy.

    School B may well offer me more time next year but there is no guarantee and I won't find out for months.

    I have been told that if I take redundancy from school A and my hours increase at school B I won't get to keep the redundancy payment. However school B is turning into an academy and I wonder if this makes a difference?


  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Speak to your Union.
    I used to work with someone who had taken redundancy from her previous job. This was back in 2003. She needed a 3 month gap before accepting teaching work with an LA again, in order to keep the redundancy money.
    Your current work arrangements with school B wouyld not affect the redundancy money, as far as I know, but taking extra work from them might if there were no gap after the redundancy.
    If school B becomes an Academy and you move across with TUPE, you keep your pay & Conditions, so it might still link back for redundancy too.
    I'm speculating here based on what may now be out-of-date information, so please check it out with your Union and the LA. Don't rely on information from the school where they might be keen to steer you towards the decision that they'd prefer.
  3. I have put this to the union and I am waiting a reply. It is not helping my confidence in any information that I am getting that the union rep in school A potentially could end up taking over my teaching as my subject is her second subject.

    I know someone who was made redundant last year and went into FE with no break and kept redundance payment but I guess FE is different.
  4. In another thread, the poster Tafkam referred to a booklet issued by ATL about redundancy..
    In there it explains the gap required for redundancy payment... As I understand it - whenever you get a job offer before the redundant job has ended you lose the redundancy money unless there is a sufficient gap... However if you don't get the offer until the redundant job has finished, (even if only one day later), then you keep the money.This means that for example supply work is allowed.
    I hope this helps...
  5. I don't see what on earth your redundancy at one school has anything to do with the other. I would have thought you are perfectly entitled to your redundancy from one, without any penalty from the other. And I doubt turning B into an academy will have any effect on any of it. Any new increased contract with the academy of course, will be between you and them at the time. Up to you in the end.
  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    If they are in the same LA, you have the same employer for both schools. That could, potentially, make a difference. The OP needs to speak with the Union to get specialist advice.
    Depending on when they get offered the extra hours, it may make the world of difference. If it is post-transfer, then the employer will be different.


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